Judge Angry At Prosecutor For Wearing Ascot

Another sartorial story today!

A Milwaukee judge says a prosecutor is bordering on contempt by wearing a red ascot to court, despite a courthouse rule requiring lawyers to wear neckties.

Circuit Judge William Sosnay held up court for about three hours Tuesday over the ascot — a silk scarf-like loop of cloth worn at the base of the neck — that prosecutor Warren Zier wore with his pinstriped gray suit.

The judge finally reasoned that it’s an issue dealing with the integrity of the court, and only standard neckwear should be worn.

Zier said he plans to continue with his practice of rotating from a long tie to a bow tie and ascot.

“I think it’s too casual, and Mr. Zier has appeared with a tie before,” the judge said. “He has told me that if we’re before a jury, he would appear with a tie. Well, why? I think we can draw an obvious implication from that.”

Zier said he’ll just have to wait to find out what happens about the threat of a contempt citation.

Oh for the love of taco sauce. Who the hell cares? The prosector sounds positively fey but that’s neither here nor there; he is in fact wearing something about the neck, which gentlemen should do in public. The judge should be more concerned about the evidence the prosecutor is presenting.

It’s a ridiculous, stupid waste of time for both the judge and the prosecutor but since the prosecutor is technically wrong (he’s not wearing a necktie), he should apologize and promise to wear a necktie from now on.

Taxpayers in Milwaukee could then sleep easy at night.


  1. Larry Croix says:

    There was a case in Washington State a week or so ago where a judge ordered a woman who was bald from cancer treatments to remove her cap or leave the court. The woman whose daughter was on trial left the court. The judge said he couldn’t allow such disrespcet. It took several days but the judge was hounded into an apology.

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