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I’ve finally posted God’s Country on Smashwords, so those who don’t have a Kindle can download God’s Country into a pdf, rtf, or even for your Palm. I’m also putting up more essays and short stories for both the Kindle and Smashwords. [If you get a 404, go to, and I’m on the front page. I think it might not allow you to go directly to the book’s page because I had to specifiy that there is sexual material in the book, and so now potential readers have to affirm that they’re over age 18.]

A little background on God’s Country: it was the first book I wrote that was represented by a fabulous agent. At the time it was sort of like a Tom Clancy book for girls – very technical, very accurate, very serious…but with a woman who’s doing all the ass kicking. Then an editor at Bantam got her hands on it and said she’d buy it if I changed it to romantic suspense. So I did, which basically meant adding lots of explicit sex. She declined to buy it anyway. I still love the book – Jon and Julia are as real to me as any of my friends.

It’s got flaws, which I see now with the benefit of experience, but I love the book, and I love the characters, and it’s very special to me. I hope you like it too.

Picture Day





The Kiss


Obama's Gaffes

I’ve not be too involved in the election cycle this year, but even in my insulated state I’ve heard more than my fair share of Obama gaffes.  I can not understand why some believe he’s so smart; he’s just not.   In the past week, this is what I’ve witnessed:

-Obama’s been to most of our “57 states”

– Obama’s uncle helped free the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz.  The only problem is that the Soviets freed Auschwitz.  Unless his uncle was a Red (which would be quite interesting if true) this just isn’t possible.

-Obama believes we need to get out of Iraq so we can send Arabic linguists to Afghanistan, even though Afghans don’t speak Arabic.

-Obama does not know what Memorial Day memorializes; on Memorial Day he claimed there were “fallen heroes” among the military audience members.

Four major lies or gaffes or mistakes, depending on the degree of responsibility you wish to assign to him. For a comprehensive list of lies, click here.

Obama is not a political panacea.  He is only just barely literate. And he’s a coke addict. Say what you will about Bill Clinton (and heaven knows I do), at least he had the acute political instinct to lie about his illegal drug usage.

Shark Update

Ohmigosh, my friend Tracey put up a post on her blog just for me! I feel so special. And it’s about one of my three obsessions: sharks! How blissed out am I? Tracey took the time to update us about the shark attack in San Diego. Turns out the shark thought the swimmer was competing with it for food and attacked.

Isn’t it interesting how we think we know what a shark is thinking?
And that it seems to make some sort of wild sense to us?

Thank you Tracey for thinking about me and my shark obsession.  

Energy Fears Create New Kind Of Survivalist

As I read this article, I was not surprised to see that the changing market conditions have goosed many; what surprised me is that so many liberal minded people are now the gun-toting survivalists that were once squarely the domain of conservatives. The article documents several families who have moved to “secret” locations, growing their own food, slaughtering chickens and pigs. One has taken to reading books from her great-grandma’s generation; she’s learning how to make soap.

Their motives are solidly liberal-wacko; they believe that an oil and food crisis is looming and soon they will have to defend their stashes of food from hungry marauding gangs.

The most startling fact is that except for the God stuff, these people sound exactly like the End-Times people. There may be no threat of God dividing the world into those who have believed and not, but there is a lot of talk about the end of the world as we know it. Both Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have made the point that liberalism is a religion; Rush has gone so far as to say that Global Warming itself is a religion. When the facts are so strikingly laid bare, it’s impossible to find any sort of rational, logical, basis for either the eco-disaster-End-Timers or the God’s-Majorly-Pissed-End-Timers. The religious End-Timers have a slight advantage though; they at least have been completely consistent for two thousand years. The eco-people are now having to change their opinions on guns, violence, vegetarianism, and most importantly, reliance on government. In my opinion, if just one liberal is in his thatched hut, clutching his gun and nibbling on a celery stalk, and he knows in the bottom of his heart that if a group of hungry, armed people come to his door wanting to take that celery stalk, the problem will not be solved with diplomacy or dialogue, then perhaps all this nonsense will work out for the greater good – a concept liberals embrace.

CNN Befuddles Blogger; Get The T-Shirt!

I do not understand the wisdom of automatically printing headlines to t-shirts, a service that is now available on Simply click the little t-shirt icon beside a headline, and voila, “Country Considers Four Day Workweek” on a t-shirt can be yours for only $15. Like so:

I suppose if they goof up, it might be funny…for a day or two. And if there is a significant world event, such as a terror attack, one could possibly want to memorialize the event, but in a t-shirt? I’m not saying I approve, but I could kinda sorta almost see that. But the much more mundane headlines simply confound me: “Family Has Third Baby To Save Son’s Life.” Is there anyone in the world who wants to wear that blazoned across his or her chest?

I give them credit for thinking – this indeed is a pretty revolutionary way to get your week-old news. And it would be at least a week old by the time you actually place the order and it’s shipped to you. I imagine the ensuing conversation to go like this:

Woman: Hey, did you know that Ted Kennedy died?
Man: No, when did you hear that?
Woman: Just now, on that dude’s t-shirt.
Man: Damn, that’s sad.
Woman: Totally. Hey, are you in the mood for some Pinkberry?

Screenshots I'm Glad I Have

FBI wants info about Enron/Arthur Andersen:

Anna Nicole Smith passes away:

RTG is quoted on Slate, threatening Iran with nuclear Armageddon:

RTG’s Enron coverage is featured on

Another Conservative Refuses To Vote For McCain

I was gratified this morning to learn that John Hawkins at Right Wing News also refuses to vote for John McCain in the 08 election. He spells out his reasons in an essay, but the takeaway is this:

John McCain is a liar. He’s a man without honor, without integrity, who could not have captured the Republican nomination had he run on making comprehensive immigration a top priority of his administration.


I Ask Why

Wishing does not make it so.
So I ask. At least that way I have a chance.
I ask anybody. I ask everybody. I ask God.
I ask for help, for forgiveness, for a break.
Usually I ask for more.
I ask for silence. For a loan. For more time.
When I can’t ask, I ask myself why its so hard to ask.
I ask to be excused. Ask to be exempt.
Ask for a miracle. Ask for agreement. Ask for acknowledgement.
I ask why.
I ask why it’s hard to remember to ask why.

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