Thank You, Matthew Zachary

It turns out that my Pink Rage post turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever written. Since I’ve written that, I’ve been corresponding with many of the cancer patients who commented on the post, and whose personal strength humbles me. I’ve been educated, toughened, and have found myself just happier since I stumbled into these people’s lives. But I’d like to acknowledge one person specifically.

My new best friend Matthew Zachary endured years of treatments for pediatric brain tumors. He was – and is – a concert pianist.   For your own sake, please go to his website and turn up your speakers. His music will make tears spike in your eyes and you will find yourself homesick for a place you’ve never seen. His music will touch some essential core deep inside your heart, something beyond your heart, into your soul. It will leave you happy to be alive, it will leave you thinking I am alive so that I can hear this.   It is music that must have existed forever, because it is something that all people need.  But it hasn’t because he created it himself.   I can’t pretend to understand the connection, if any, between his music and his health. But I know that he has enriched my life with his music, and his generosity of spirit, and his sense of humor. I am so thankful for that.

Rock on, Matthew.


  1. Somehow, I couldn’t get to that delightful site.
    Let me know how I can.

  2. ok, I’m healed now..

  3. caraellison says:

    Is it working now?

  4. “It is music that must have existed forever, because it is something that all people need. But it hasn’t because he created it himself.”

    Actually, I’m a firm believer that the music has existed forever, but it takes a special person, one who is “in tune” (no pun intended) with the universe or whatever, and translates the music for all to hear.

    Thanks for the great link! Bless you and him.

  5. caraellison says:

    Oh my gosh, R1, that was an incredible statement. I had a fragment of an idea and you totally fleshed it out, gave it form. Thank you for that!

    It’s good music, it really feels relaxing and inspiring to hear.

  6. Thank you for this. It is deeply humbling.

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