Tonight, a reader named Rachel left a comment on the famous Pink Rage post to inform us that our beloved friend, Debutante, has passed away.

Debby Greer-Costello lost her brave battle with leukemia after a second relapse.

I did not know her well. We exchanged some emails and Direct Messages on Twitter. I had a hard time believing she was sick because she was so passionate. She was mouthy and spirited. She hated the Susan Komen Foundation as much as I did. Of course, she was very ill, which is why she cared so much, I guess.

She was scared. She told me about the hair-raising state of American health care. She had children. She did not want to leave them.

If there is anything to be joyful about is that she insisted on being brave, mouthy self right until the end. She is such an inspiration and I am so very sorry that she will not be here to bitch about the Komen Foundation with us anymore.

My savage heart will miss her. My savage heart, see, recognizes it’s own kind.

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