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Great Moments In The EBS Trial

The court: He says two videotapes were played at the conference.

Ed Tomko (counsel for Rex Shelby): But they weren’t.

The court: Not according to him but your client is a liar, right?

The next words out of Tomko’s mouth should have been, “Your honor, I move for an immediate mistrial.” Judge Gimore would not have granted it, but at least the request would be in the public record.

Great Moments In The EBS Trial

Tony Canales: Now how old of a man are you today, sir?

Scott Yeager: I’m 53.

Canales: All right. And how old of a man were you when you were doing this business about the — you know, getting into the fiber optic?

Yeager: Well, ’89. So what’s that sixteen years ago. So 40 something. Is that right?

Canales: At least the lawyers behind me, they are all whispering to me different numbers. We will work it out later.

Yeager: I am good at math, not arithmatic.

I just love Yeager’s line there. He is flat-out adorable. And the correct answer is:

When the trial was going on in 2005, 1989 was sixteen years previous. That would have made Mr Yeager 37 years old. But like Einstein and myself, Mr Yeager’s brain is far too advanced to quibble over children’s arithmatic.

Great Moments In The EBS Trial

The Court: Mr Shelby, just stick —

Mr. Tomko: Your Honor, I —

The Court: — stick to the question. If you don’t know the answer, then just say you don’t know.

Rex Shelby: Okeydoke

Mr. Shelby just proved his innocence there. Criminals do not say “Okeydoke”. Period.

Great Moments In The EBS Trial

Trials are serious things of course, but once in a while somebody says something that makes you giggle or gasp. This the first in a new series: Great Moments Of The EBS Trial.

Tony Canales (on direct): And when you sold your stock, what happened — or when you exchanged stock, what did you get in return?

Scott Yeager: I received money.

Canales: And you got, as we say back home, a truckload of money, did you not, sir?

Yeager: Yes I did.

Canales: Now, you were charged with all those violations, correct?

Yeager: Yes. And I guess after that, I’m also charged with, I guess, what they call “money laundering” by spending the money.

Skilling Update

I messed up. I completely forgot that Skilling’s resentencing was removed from the calendar months ago because of his appeal to SCOTUS. So my legal expert friend, Cliff Stricklin, and myself were all speculating on something that was never going to happen.

I don’t usually flake like that but oops, I did this time.

I next Skilling item I guess will be whether or not SCOTUS grants writ of certiorari in response to his petition. And then hopefully the chain of events will eventually lead him to freedom, where he belongs. One step at a time.

Skilling Resentencing Postponed

Jeff Skilling’s sentencing has been postponed. Details are sketchy; I don’t know the date of the new hearing and it is unclear if the resentencing was postponed today or earlier (ie, in reaction to the SCOTUS appeal.). More news as it becomes available.

Where Are All The Boys?


Dear Jeff Skilling

Do your ears quite suddenly and without warning burn red? Do you still talk of the idea as some crucial arrival of greatness, your lean body tense with the need for constructive action? Or have they beat it out of you with long, spacious hours, and only a teasing glimpse of a gloss of blue sky wedged between square concrete buildings whose purpose you will never divine?

I put you in a book because every story requires the misunderstood hero and there are none greater than yourself. All night my abilities surge like disturbed electrical currents, tumbling forth when I depict your vivid greatness, only to sputter and stall when I heave myself into the abyss of your humiliation; trials, exotic accounting, it can so easily become flatwashed under unskilled hands. How can I explain when I do not understand myself? How do I grab the whole of humanity and accuse every one of wrongness? But I do. Accuse them. They are guilty.

Of course it would be you, the lovely bluet-eyed corporate visigoth who would compel me forward; brilliant man, to inspire even from your lonely prison yard. Your losses number in the thousands, yet you generously bestow greatness on any who wish to take it.

Two years ago I slipped your gift in my pocket and when I was alone, held it to the light like a jeweler looking through a loupe. Quality and brilliance. I began my arduous and joyful task. I am still writing, still holding myself accountable, to be worthy of the task.

Lone moments divided from the day remind me you are still banished. Still fighting, arguing. Your bluesplash eyes are still vivid mosaics of opportunity; you know it, even if they do not — yet. But they will, and quite soon.

Tell me, do your ears burn red?

Joe Hirko Gown

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