Amanda Knox: A Story of Sex, Drugs, and America

I became aware of the Amanda Knox case late in the game, first hearing of it through the British media. Over the months of the trial, I heard court room snippets and rumors: Amanda Knox had a vibrator and condoms; Amanda sent an email to a friend about having sex with a man on a train; Amanda Knox turned cartwheels while her lover, Italian Raffaele Sollecito, was being questioned by police. I kept hearing salacious details about her sex life and enjoyment of cannabis and hashish, but not very much about the actual murder of Meredith Kercher.

At her trial in Italy, it became known that not a single molecule of her DNA was found in the room she shared with her flatmate whose throat had been slashed. Another man, an Ivorian named Rudy Guede, had already been convicted of the murder, and his DNA, in contrast, was all over the place. A trace of her DNA was reportedly found on the blade of a knife, and Kercher’s on the handle, but that knife was not used in the murder; the wounds simply did not match that knife, and indeed the murder weapon has never been found. A trace of Knox’s blood was also found in the sink.

Maybe it is a result of the CSI Effect, but I would think that with so much blood all over the place, we would see more definitive proof of Knox’s guilt. Perhaps if her blood had commingled with Kercher’s on the actual murder weapon, I would be more inclined to believe Knox killed Kercher. Or perhaps if her footprints were found in blood, as Guede’s were.

Another bit of physical evidence, indeed the only bit, was a bra clasp with Raffaele Sollecito’s fingerprints supposedly on them. The bra clasp was left on the floor for six weeks, and moved by investigators, and so filthy that the bra clasp was black from dirt when it was finally tested. I do not know if the defense was able to also test for Sollecito’s fingerprints as well, or if they just had to take the Prosecution’s word that the fingerprints belonged to Sollecito.

I have not poured over the transcripts (and do not read Italian in any case) but the relationship between Rudy Guede, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito has never been explained, as far as I know. Guede had sex with Kercher around the time of her murder. The issue of rape has not been addressed; perhaps he was her boyfriend, but I am just speculating. Guede claimed he’d been using the toilet, with his iPod on, and did not hear Kercher scream. But when he was finished in the lav, he came out, and saw a man who said, “You are big trouble” (I am paraphrasing, though I use quotes here). Guede was so scared, he fled to Germany. The description of the man he saw might have seen was not given in court as Guede did not testify; he is appealing his own conviction and ostensibly wanted to save his testimony or a defense theory for the big show.

So why would a young American woman slaughter her flatmate, a girl she liked but had only known for eight weeks? What could have possibly pushed a nice Seattle girl to slit the throat of a woman she barely knew – a crime so gory, one must shut one’s eyes to the details? Slitting a throat is as up close and personal as you can possibly get. It’s not the instantaneous flash-bang strike of a bullet. It’s not even the horrific but generally bloodless crime of strangulation. To slit someone’s throat, you must really, really hate them. You must get up close to them, close enough to feel their breath and the stink of the soup they ate for dinner, and hear their little whimper, “Why?” as you tug and saw that blade through layers of skin, fat, veins, viscera. Veins are tough, thick cords. The strap muscles on the side of the throat are tough, like shoeleather. You really have to saw at it. The blood will spurt on your face and hands and your shirt as you break through arteries and thick veins. You must be committed to saw from ear to ear, as was done to Kercher. So why would beautiful, young Amanda Knox do such a thing?

The Italian prosecutors offered an explanation so simple, it was destined to win: sex. It was a sex game, they said. Guede and Sollecito held Meredith Kercher down, while Knox cut her throat in some sort of sex game.

What kind of sex game involves two couples and a knife? Even if you can get through that question, it doesn’t explain how a sex game turned not just deadly, but absolutely gruesome.

The Italian theory was this: Amanda Knox was a slut, and therefore dangerous, and therefore a murderer.

Amanda Knox had seven lovers by the time she was twenty. We know this because while in prison, she was informed that she was HIV-positive, and the authorities needed a list of lovers to notify them of her status. She listed seven men. She was not HIV-positive, incidentally. One must question if this was a ruse by the Italian prosecutors or an honest mistake. (The seven lovers, incidentally, did not include the name of the man she’d supposedly had sex with on the train.) In addition to her seven lovers, Amanda Knox was in possession of a Rabbit vibrator and condoms, which were clearly visible in a transparent plastic bag in her room. She also said that at the time of the murders, she was smoking hashish with Raffaele Sollecito and having sex with him at his apartment. Later pictures of her and Sollecito before the trial would show them open-mouth kissing. Later still, during the trial, a sore on her upper lip made the media speculate if she had herpes.

Her sexual confidence was unmistakable. She was a young woman from America’s permissive West Coast. A bit of the hippie ethos was visible even in her attire during trial, when she showed up in a t-shirt that said All You Need Is Love. One report points out that Italians shrug off extra-marital affairs, but frown on pre-marital sex. Italians, who are known for romance, suddenly seemed to want the world to think it was bad manners for a young American, swept up in the romance of an ancient Mediterranean city, to actually indulge in Italy’s wares.

Italy is a macho culture, and globally, women are still not supposed to have sex, much less enjoy it. In Knox’s case, it seemed to be enough for the prosecutor to leak her list of seven men for the world media to wonder aloud why Foxy Knoxy did it, instead of if she did it. Oh, and Foxy Knoxy was her nickname on her soccer team, implying her shrewd playing skills, not her fresh good looks which, the meme goes, lured women to her knife.

What does sex have to do with murder, particularly the murder of a young British student? The details of the supposed “sex game” have never been revealed, nor was there any indication that Knox enjoyed S&M or power games. Even if Knox is as slutty as they make her out to be, I’m failing to see the connection between having sex and murder.

Two other aspects of this case trouble me, and they should trouble anyone who cares about justice.

The first is Italy’s legal system is primitive by US standards, derivative of the Inquisition. You are presumed guilty and the defense must prove innocence. Cops routinely harshly interrogate suspects, and using physical force, as they did with Amanda Knox when they hit her on the back of the head, is not expressly verboten. If a Navy Seal can not smack a terrorist in the mouth without being accused of abuse, perhaps our ire should be as volatile when a foreign government smacks a 20 year old American college student in the routine course of interrogation. But our government has not uttered a word about Amanda Knox.

The second problem is that the guilty verdict seemed more a verdict against America than against Amanda Knox. It seemed to be a judgement against wanton, sexually free young women who symbolize all of American gaucheness. While her boyfriend was being questioned, Amanda, stiff from waiting for hours in a small room, got up and did a cartwheel. It wasn’t that it was joyful, it’s that it was obnoxious, an act shrieking with the patina America’s supposed lack of respect for other cultures that so infuriated the prosecutors and the press. Her lack of reverence in that moment was just unforgivable to the Italian press. Her seven lovers, her vibrator, her condoms, her herpes sore, her American penchant for trying to “find herself” (a uniquely American concept) by studying in Italy, experimenting with recreational drugs, and smiling as she entered the court room were just not welcome in Italy. America and her whoring and warmongering could just fuck off. And thus, the sentence was read at midnight: the sexy, flirty, fun college student who brought herself to orgasm without the benefit of a man, much less marriage, was sentenced to twenty-six years in an Italian prison.

She is appealing and the Italian court will hear her appeal in the latter half of 2010. Experts say it is extremely unlikely that the verdict of the lower court will be overturned. Some have speculated that a deal will be made with our State Department so that she can serve her sentence in a United States prison, with the understanding that she will serve the entire twenty-six years.

I believe Amanda Knox is innocent. The theory that the twenty year old took a knife to her friend in some sort of inexplicable sex game is laughable to me. I think Rudy Guede raped and killed Meredith Kercher. I wish I could know for sure; I would have liked the benefit of a fair trial for Amanda Knox. Instead, we got a media circus and a show trial. Amanda Knox and her family deserve better.


  1. Wow, I really havn’t heard alot about this trial until now, but I have been reading up and studying this a little bit, and this is definitely a trail against American and Sexual exploration, along with recreational drug use, it is not a trial of murder, but of one for hatred of America.

    • Dylan, Italians don’t hate America. That’s absurd.

      • Cara Ellison says:

        Actually I agree with Dylan. There was some anti-Americanism at work.

      • Anthony,
        ” Some ” Italians hate Americans in Perugia, Italy. This is due to political corruption there. It is not absurd. It is reality and actuality !

      • Hi Cara,
        Thank you for allowing me to be part of your blog. I sure hope all the energy we are putting into saving this one American girl who’s rights have been completely ignored….works!

    • I have to say, having witnessed the appalling behavior of many American exchange students while they are in other countries (again: it doesn’t mean they deserve to be charged for murder, HOWEVER:) – American students would do well to remember that not only are they GUESTS, but they are also ambassadors for their country, and they WILL be judged harshly if they try to bend the rules, or even get too wasted at a local bistro and barf in the bathroom. It will all be labeled under “Americans are awful”. Some of these exchange students completely embarrass me, when I have encountered them on various trips – and so some of that bias against Knox comes from experience, rather than just unexamined bigotry.

      Not saying it’s fair, just the way it is.

      Behave yourself when you are a guest in someone else’s home. Is basically the message.

      So Knox – who I believe is innocent – walks under the burden of anti-American bias, because of all the badly-behaved morons running amok out there. Hard to combat that. All you can do is try to behave yourself and be polite, the way you would be if you were invited into someone else’s home.

      • Cara Ellison says:

        I agree. When I lived in London, I was acutely aware that I was an American – a stranger, and possibly an unknown quantity. I remember having an idea of London as this very proper post-war place (my romantic vision gets me in trouble sometimes) so I always wore dresses and heels and pearls – not American blue jeans. I was always excruciatingly polite, terrified of offending anyone and becoming a garish American stereotype.

        I’m still polite. Lately it has come to my attention just how important manners really are to me. In fact, I need to write a post about that. But the manners, I think, are just acknowledging that I am a stranger, I will abide by your rules, and I’m aware that if I screw up, you’ll think badly of all Americans.

      • True. There are some crimes which happened in Italy prior to Amanda Knox arriving. Two Italian murders killed 20 people, were set free, came to the USA and are not in prison in Italy. Yes, this would tick me off if I was Italian.

        However, it does not mean they can pick out an American girl, trash her American culture, the country she was raised in, defame, slander, exploit, libel, falsely imprison, and falsely accuse her of a crime. Many young people like to spread their wings and explore the world when they turn 18 to 21. Many young people feel they cannot let their hair down until they get far enough away from home. They party, they become infatuated, and many are not liked by the countries they visit.

        Amanda was only in Perugia, Italy for approximately two weeks. These foreign men love new blood. They see these naive American girls coming because they are practically waiting at the airport. They wait at the docks for the cruise ships to come in. I know this from experience. Poor Amanda walked in with her naive eyes open wide shut.

        This poor girl is no murderer. It is people like us who are keeping her up front so the public is consistently aware of her situation. I, for one, will be waiting at Sea-Tac Airport to welcome her home. I hope it is soon. Excellent point about Rudy’s sentence being cut in “half.”

        Amanda was not guilty of anything and never should have been put in jail or prison. Amanda’s name is still good among her American family and friends.
        She belongs to the USA. It is Perugia, Italy who has defamed her. They are not respecting diversity. They know very well Americans are raised with the US constitution and our first right is “Freedom of Speech.” Amanda is being the American girl from her Western Culture in North America. If Perugia, Italy cannot respect diversity, then no American students should ever be accepted at the University of Perugia. Anti-Americanism is going on there.

    • Cara, your perspective is well written, thoughtful, and American! I feel very similar toward the Italians and their double standards toward women. I totally believe the Italians convicted Amanda Knox as a show of Anti Americanism. Rafaelle was just collateral damage for sporting around with a young American girl. The prosecuting Judge put himself on the jury panel and he is also a Judge? I bet he asks women in front of their domestic abusive men if they are being abused too. I bet he interviews children who have been raped and abused in front of the sex offender too! What person on the jury is going to vote against whatever he says knowing he’s tits up insane with power?
      The maniac is also under investigation for abusing his power and this began prior to his blood-thirsty hunt for an American girl named Amanda Knox. When he is found guilty of “abusing his power” by his own countrymen and women, Amanda’s alleged fair trial should be dismissed and the Italians Americans are currently “boycotting” need to send Amanda home to Washington and the USA. Then we may lift the boycott. I am on the side of Amanda and the boycott via Mr. Donald Trump. He has stepped up! What a guy!

      • Pathetic,this is so biased towards Knox,

      • Bob, Pathetic only means something in your eyes. Hell yes, I am biased toward Amanda Knox and willfully admit it. You obviously have never been a beautiful young woman overseas! Why would we American women expect you to have any other prickism attitude?
        You are old business in the world of narrow minded men from the USA. We do have better ones and we all know it. You are the one in the dark. If you ever travel and find yourself in trouble, you’ll be praying for “pathetic and loyal” Americans like us regardless of our gender. I know exactly what and why I am steadfast and consistent in the goal to free Amanda Knox! I have one goal…”Free Amanda Knox Now!” Bring on the name calling… won’t de-rail my goal.

      • I strongly believe that Amanda is totally innocent, it is a travesty how the authorities in Perugia, Italy have treated this young lady, in their reports they stated that two people may have done it so where does a third come in at. It is sad that just for them to put an end to a case that they would frame or just accuse anyone and then conjure up evidence to prove their case. I believe that when they told her she was HIV positive that that was a plot to get her blood/dna to incriminate her only to turn around and tell her that the test was false, bull crap. Screw you Italy. I have always dreamed of visiting there but I will not support a country that blatantly frames an innocent person. This case is so bogus. To the Knox family, keep fighting and tell Amanda that her name will be cleared one day.

    • Dylan,
      You are exactly right on with your assessment of what happened to Amanda Knox. You may see many other viewpoints at Donald Trump’s Trump U website. This is where I found cara’s information. We are collaborating on Mr. Trump’s site to help bring Amanda back to the USA. Please see message 12/17/2009. Others are leading and sending their support information which will be sent to Mr. Trump. It ain’t over til it’s over. Italy is waaay behind our century and especially with their attitudes about women…..especially, American women. Amanda may have smoked a little weed, I did not see her, so, I cannot take a stand on this. However, having worked in the American Justice System for years in superior courts, and following her trial the best I can, Rudy Guede, is the murderer. He confessed was convicted and just had his 30 year sentence lower down to 16 years. His DNA was every where. Who gives a hoot who Amanda slept with or smoked a little weed with. Italy has taken an Anti American stand with Amanda.
      We say BUNK….we want her home now ! Join us on Mr.Trump’s blog. He even went on T.V. and the 11:00 pm news. I respect him for using his influence, power, and celebrity to help this kiddo.

    • You’ve got it ! Anti – Americanism to the Maximum level ! Perugia, Italy has pushed it beyond their control. I recently learned Seattle, Washington is Perugia, Italy’s “Sister City” as of 1991. They wanted to build a “Perugia Park” here. I raised hell on Mr. Trump’s blog. I live here in the Seattle area in Washington State. Evidently, someone else figured it out. The next day our news stated they were putting the plans on “HOLD” Thank God ! This would have turned into a violent mess for those of you who have not followed Amanda’s trial. Naive, yes, sowing her young adult oats, yes, partying away from Mom and Dad, yes, Naive due to being enamored with the Italian Stud Romantic reputation, yes, inexperienced in life, yes, smoking pot and who even knows if Amanda was given something she is not even aware of, yes, working and seeing tons of good looking Italian and European guys with young hormones, hell yes, (omg ladies, I’ve seen em’ pizzaz!)
      AMERICAN FEMALE CUTE COMPETITIVE, YES ! MURDERER, HELL NO ! NO WAY. WE WANT AMANDA KNOX HOME NOW ! Join the Trump blog, stay on this one, join in any way you know how to get the message out and keep the public’s attention. I have traveled in many countries all over the world. I grew up being called pretty, cute, beautiful, told I should be a model…blah, blah, blah. You should have seen the hatred and lust and phony flirting and threats I received traveling abroad. For anyone who is world or street wise, the “Anti-Americanism” hatred in a foreigner’s eyes (some) is so obvious, the second your feet hit their soil. If Amanda would have had more life experience, she would have noticed. She’s just a kid through my eyes and we need to rescue her little American butt.

      • I didn’t see anything incriminating of a murder in Amanda’s behavior after the crime. Rather I saw a young American girl infatuated with an Italian lover, completely immersed in the fantasy unaware of what a dangerous predicament she was drifting into. So she kissed him, So she did cartwheels? They say no innocent person would do that, well no guilty person trying to hide a murder would do that as well, it is a red proves nothing. Was she expected to cry crocodile tears all day long the way the North Koreans were expected with the death of Kim Il Sung? I say she was lost in love with Rafaelle, the fulfillment of a dream she had been nursing about a European Lover many American girls share.

    • Just because she is American and pretty does not mean that she should not be brought to justice because of anti-american feelings. A ny normal innocent person would not behave the way she did after the murder (open mouth kissing on tv when your supposed friend has just been murdered). She also implicated an innocent man to try to strengthen her own case and then went on to sell her story for $4million dollars ($1m per year in prison).

      The fact that her aquittal has been overturned is testimony to the fact that there are a lot of questions still to be answered and that her PR campaign had so many smokescreens to try to hide the truth. She lied and had been shown leniency but hopefully now she will get what she deserves.

      It is absolutely disgraceful that the american society can defend, harbour and financially reward somebody so low in society. If you wonder why there are anti-american feelings then you should look a lot closer to home.

      It leaves a very nasty taste that Amanda Knox will profit financially from murder.

      Meredith Kercher was a beautiful, bright girl that deserves justice.

  2. I totally believe she’s innocent. This whole thing is a travesty. So she behaved inappropriately. Whatevs. Plenty of people do. Doesn’t mean she’s guilty of murder. Show me the DNA, show me evidence BESIDES her unpleasant personality (much of which she showed to us under great duress, being interrogated in another country by policemen who spoke little English – imagine how badly YOU would come off in that circumstance, regardless). The prosecutor is also obsessed with Satanic cults – he sees them everywhere, and is convinced every crime has to do with some sort of evil satanic spree – when there is very little evidence that any of that was going on. He is notoriously badly behaved, has been reprimanded repeatedly – Bah. The whole thing is upsetting.

    • Sheila,
      Amand is innocent. I am well traveled through out many countries in the world.
      Anti Americanism is reality. If only the people who are bullying our youth and college students would put all their energy into finding Osama Bin Laden. On Mr. Trump’s blog…..he recommended a
      ” Boycott of Italy and Italian Services” until they bring our American girl back to the USA and the State of Washington ! Yes, I live in Washington. There may be several small groups for Amanda, yet, we are Americans and we know how to be united !
      After all, we are the United States of America. We can collaborate and join our energies at some point. There is power in numbers and we are much bigger than Italy which lives in a past century! I used to be a Juvenile Prison Counselor, and I had many drug / alcohol using youth on my caseload. So many of them, do not remember parts when they were seriously drunk and high. They remember the beginning and when they began to sober up or come down off their high. We also do not know if Amanda was given Rohipnol the date rape drug and she merely thought she only smoked marijuana. I know this kid did not murder anyone. We also don’t know how much “machismo” Rafael had over her. Italian men are obsessed with being the boss. Rudy, the murderer, was a tramp, drug dealer, partier, and just floated from one scene to another with no roots.
      Eventually we Americans who want Amanda home will win. Why ? Because we are Americans and we are not leaving one of our young people behind to allow a foreign country to use her as a political pawn. Once we get fully organized, we are going to get Amanda….be on board with us Sheila. Thank you. Tell others too read my Trump U 12/17/2009 posting and follow the directions to the letter. I received the first round today…all walks of life when I went to the post office. I jumped up and down and cried. Join us… too cara…where’s your letter. Americans Rule!

    • When I first heard about this case and the scenario of a sex orgy thrill kill led by Amanda Knox something didn’t smell right. When I saw a very ordinary looking college girl behaving exactly as I would expect a young naive innocent girl to act, I was horrified with the way people were claiming to see a she devil there when I saw nothing of the sorts. I just recently took the time to read the details of the case and am absolutely convinced she and Rafaelle were railroaded.

      A quack prosecutor could have taken the girl who stumbled upon the Bundy crime scene at the sorority in Florida, belligerently questioned her all night till she said something deluded, found some speck of dust to claim as evidence, and then when Bundy was caught red handed just thrown him into the crime as an accomplice. That is how wrong and ridiculous this case is. No American police department on a large campus, familiar with the pattern of property and sex crimes against students, would ever have considered Amanda Knox as anything other than a witness.

      The investigators must have had wild stereotypes about American girls all being sex crazed, violent vixens just like in Basic Instinct to have focused in on this artsy, Seattle girl. Heck, judging by my experience with different “types” of subcultures amongst college age Americans, Amanda doesn’t even look promiscuous. None of that fancy nail, and $300 haircut look. Nor does she look like an S&M dominatrix. Not that this means anything, but Magnini didn’t even find the right type of girl for his role.

      Still, this is more the fault of a bad apple than an indictment of Italy as a whole. The exact same kind of crazy witch hunt happened in West Memphis Arkansas in 1993. Three boys were found beaten and dumped in a ditch and the quack police jumped to the immediate conclusion that it was a “ritual satanic murder.” With absolutely no evidence they railroaded three high school boys who listened to heavy metal, one of whom wore all black clothes. They are still in prison despite the fact that nowadays the whole scenario sounds preposterous and they are obviously innocent. Anyone interested should look up the West Memphis Three, Youtube has the disturbing HBO documentary “Paradise Lost: The Robin Hood Hills Killings” on their wrongful convictions. It will upset you so much you won’t be able to sleep. The trial was recorded on video, the locals wanted to convict them so bad based on nothing but sensational press in the local media that just a few Metallica Albumns, the goth appearance of one of the boys, a book on Wicca, and the fact the “moon was full” the night the boys were found dead was enough to convict them.

  3. Cara Ellison says:

    Dylan, I agree.

    Sheila, I heard the prosecutor was being investigated for abuse in another case as well – perhaps that’s what you mean by his obsession with satanic cults?

    I don’t even think her behavior is that outrageous. If it were me, you’d have seen someone much less composed; I’d be hysterical. But she was actually very mature in trial, I thought. But yeah, whatever you think of her sex life, she didn’t hatchet up her roommate.

    • The ” 16th century Italian Machismo” are the men calling Amanda’s behavior outrageous. The prosecutor is already guilty. According to Italian law he is guilty of abusing his power until proven innocent. These are Italian rules. Too bad he is not American, then he would be innocent until proven guilty. Those Italians have bitten off more than they can chew. You watch, you join us, you see the truth when it pops up in front of your face. You will know Amanda is just a kid. Only 20 years old. A child, youth, barely a young adult woman. Americans Rule and we are going to prove it ” again! ” Like we always do when we are rescuing other people, the American way!

    • Cara, exactly! So what, she’s acting American! We raised her to do act that way! So what, she is acting young?
      Yes, we have them all over here like her and a lot wilder. The thing that ticks me off is that Europeans are known to be a lot more sexual and loose in real life than Americans! Especially, the Italians! Italy does need to get serious and Free Amanda Knox. I have suggested we all wear a ribbon of Amanda’s chosen color which has not been chosen by others. Like the yellow and pink ribbons. All ideas to raise awareness are a welcome addition in my eyes.

  4. Why the lies? why the “confusion” about telling what happened that night?

    Okay, she was “pressured” to say something false initially, but why don’t they come with more revealing details then? by the way, I thought at first the prosecution theory about all three of them being involved was far fetched, and expected someone to spill the beans or all of them to rat the other, and they didn’t… because they’re so loyal and in love? or because they were all into it and implicating the other would implicate yourself?

    Knox needs to bring some game changer details to her conviction appeal.

    • Amanda was high, drank alcohol, and no one gave her a breathalizer or blood test to see if she was also given something like Rohipnol, the date rape drug. Plus, if any of you have traveled much, she did not know the area too well, not the laws, and was swept off her feet by a Romantic Italian shortly after her feet left the darn airport. The Italians need to send our American girl back to us. We are
      ” boycotting Italy and Italian products and services” UNTIL Amanda Knox is returned home to the USA. So, Italy better get serious. Gather some friends, Safeway sells pasta made in our USA. I know we don’t communicate with all the other people, however, this boycott is on ! Donald Trump took his stand and recommended we all boycott Italy ! We must do it. One at a time, or merely blogging isn’t going to do it. Americans are not people who sit on their laurels. We kick butt, when a foreign evil power comes after our people! Read my post on Trump U dated 12/17/2009 and follow the instructions, ingore the nay sayers. We need to send Italy a MESSAGE!

    • No one knows how much influence Raphael had over Amanda. It appears to be a lot. He sure wasn’t loyal to her ! When it was his butt on the line, he dumped the blame on her in a heartbeat. Screw him. People on different blogs say, “Poor Raphael.” No Way. If Amanda’s Americans can get our act together…like we are….then, Raphael is on his own to figure out how he is going to get his butt out of his own mess. Amanda is our American girl and she belongs to us! All of us, diversity of all populations….she’s American and we stand united. This is what the United States Of America stands for. ” United We Stand” and we’re damn for sure proving it !
      Keep talking, sharing, thinking of ideas, we will all move forward from all over the USA and then Perugia, Italy will finally pull their heads out and take us seriously, and “FREE AMANDA NOW!” Be consisitent everyone of all ages, ethnic groups, ages, genders, poor, rich, familial status…it doesn’t matter. We are Americans and we are going to kick butt and stand up for Americans…AND, we are not leaving Amanda abandoned by a bunch of Schizophrenic and corrupt Italians in Perugia. Seriously, antother professional identified the prosecutor’s behaviors as Schizophrenic….read more. Poor, Poor Amanda. We need to get some “hope” to her too.

  5. If this trial happened in America, there is no doubt in my mind she would be acquitted. The evidence was tainted most of the character evidence that was admitted regarding her life was unduly prejudicial and would be irrelevant in American courts. The interrogation process in the police station appeared to be coercive and should also have been deemed inadmissible. Not to mention there was an apparent conflict of interest in that the prosecutor was supposedly involved in her interrogation. The “murder weapon” did not fit the stain left on the bed by the actual murder weapon, and other than her coerced admission, there was nothing that put her and her bf there at the night of the murder. I believe Italian juries have 2 judges and 3 laypersons. The judges tend to convince the laypeople to decide a certain way. And unlike big media trials in this country, the jury was not sequestered. They went home every night, saw all the media coverage and had made up their minds before the trial even began. She was already guilty in the court of public opinion and the fact that she was unfairly convicted is a tragedy.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      Agreed. There was much about her case that doesn’t make sense to me as an American. The confession was apparently not only coerced after she’d been beat up by the police, she didn’t even confess; she was asked to describe what she would have seen if she’d been there. Sort of a stupid question.

      In the US, that would have been thrown out with even the most incompetent attorney on her side.

      What a tragic situation.

      • Anyone who has “power” can make false allegations and mislead others. “Some” people appear to have a tendency to be lazy sometimes and feed into negativity quickly. Negativity is a magnet for some. Some people think because something is put in writing, it is automatically true. So, if it isn’t written down, it never happened? One doesn’t really need to “think” to get sucked into this “sharks to blood mentality.” Think about it when it has happened around you. The thinking comes when one has realized they have been manipulated and they are finding themselves doing something they do not “want” to do. Thus, the Italian jury staring at the Judge in the middle of the jury room. I sure as hell would not have wanted to be in that room.

    • Yes! You are so smart. The head Judge sat in on the JURY! This is like asking a woman/or man, who is a domestic violence victim if they are being abused right in front of the abuser. Or asking a child, if they have been abused and letting the abuser lead the pack. BUNK! I worked in Superior courts for years. The Italians have embellished aka LIED and act like their reporters have some kind of hidden talent than American reporters and court workers. BUNK! They never should have been in the court room and who are they ?
      I have been in the newspaper and on T.V. and I can tell you, what I was interviewed about and the “strategic” questions I was asked do not match what I told them. No Italian reporter does any better and in most courts are kicked out by the American Judges. Face it. Americans are smarter, and have a much higher level of integrity as a nation together. People have come to Washington State from all over the world to support us Washingtonians when our law enforcement people were killed. I have never heard of anything happening like this in Italy. Americans are raised to help others and we have spent enough time helping those in foreign countries. It’s time we all get serious and help our American girl. Italy needs to get serious because here we come! Ask a couple of friends to join us too! Bless your heart !

    • One of the Perugia Judges assigned himself to the JURY ! What person on the jury is not going to feel intimidated. He placed himself there for this reason.

      Never has or will happen in the USA !

    • Right on! One of the head Judges assigned himself to the jury! Those jurors are perfectly aware of how corrupt the system is in Perugia, Italy.

      Who would “freely speak their mind” with a corrupt Judge who abuses their power sitting in the room ? How intimidating ! These people on the jury have to live there in Perugia, Italy.

      Point ! Zero objectivity.
      This would never happen in America.

  6. It amazes me how stupid americans can be. If you have been to grad school, then you will know that you need to read more than one book to research a topic. So, first do you research and then blabber. Some good websites to go to: NBS and Newsweek…NBS dateline even had an ex-FBI person review the evidence for their article.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      I only approved one of your stupid comments because that’s really all that’s needed. You’re a bigot, in addition to being an idiot.

      If you have something to say about the Knox case, say it. Otherwise, go fuck yourself.

      • cara, cara, cara. honey you have a potty mouth. many people do want to say what you said though.

        Let’s all hang in there with Amanda.
        Put it however you want.
        Americans respect diversity.

        We are not racist. We are down and out ANGRY AT ITALY AND READY TO KICK BUTT TO GET OUR AMERICAN GIRL BACK HOME. We had nothing to say about Perugia, Italy until they began isolating and bullying one of our AMERICAN young people. Now Italy is going to find out, we don’t put up with that crap, and these colors don’t run, this includes all of us AMERICAN women. Right on.

    • I don’t really think that’s a fair generalization, Heather… and I’m not really sure what you’re implying. Are you saying if someone doesn’t agree with you, they must have not done their research? You’re only smart if you’ve been to grad school?

      Can’t we all at least be polite to each other? It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

    • Oh, Stop.

      I have been to grad school and this is not relevant to Amanda’s case.

      Get over yourself. It isn’t about you.

    • Oh, Heather, I feel so ashamed…NOT !
      I have much more than grad school in my credentials. Know how to think and the “shame” card is pathetic.

      Really now ? You must have “never” been in the newspapers or on TV, or even interviewed and/or “misquoted” by a reporter. Yes, I have those under my belt too. Go there, learn, and stop trying to play the “Classism” card in the USA !

  7. I watched this case on 48 hour mystery and was appalled at the lack of direct evidence against. Amanda. It seemed pretty clear to me that Meredith, the roomate, had an unfortunate meeting with the Ivory Coast man, who had a rep for being “scary, shady and a petty thief”. His explanation of being in the bathroom was laughable. As a parent I grieve for hers. What a travesty of the concept of “fair trial” and I agree with the author…sexual “frivolity” does not equal murder. Isn’t there something that America can do, even if it just amounts to demanding a more fair and unbiased trial?

  8. Cara – yes, he is under investigation for abuse of his power in a couple of other cases. And one of his “things”, his obsessions, is that Satanic cults are rampant – he tries to loop any unexplainable thing under that label – it’s ridiculous. Kind of like the poor kids who, I believe, were wrongly convicted of murder in, I think, Tennessee – merely because they were goth kids who wore lipstick and crap like that. But the prosecutor (as well as the townspeople) tried to make it a Satanic ritual thing, even though there was very little evidence that they had done the crime. They are all still in jail, I believe – great documentary about the case called Paradise Lost.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      Someone else mentioned the Tennessee case on my Twitter feed. I don’t really know much about it, but I need to check that out.

      • Rent the documentary – it’s incredibly compelling. The case was actually re-opened after its first showing on HBO. I’m actually not sure what eventually happened – they did a follow-up documentary (can’t remember the name) – about the new trial, and the growing conviction that these three boys were innocent – but I’m not sure what happened after that.

      • Even the parents of the murdered boys (I think there were three of them) have now joined the campaign to free the “Memphis Three”. The parents also believe the whole thing has been a miscarriage of justice.

  9. Also, with Amanda Knox – yes, they found DNA evidence – on objects that were in her boyfriend’s apartment. So?? she hung out there. Of course her fingerprints would be on a knife THERE. maybe she was chopping up some garlic or something. Unbelievable.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      Oh yeah, I remember reading this – that things were discovered in her boyfriend’s place. If she had killed Meredith Kercher, I believe there would be some blood and DNA evidence in the murder room.

      I also find it strange that they said she “cleaned up” since the place was a fecking nightmare with blood smeared all over the bathroom floors and walls and toilet, and all over the bedroom. If she cleaned up, she missed a spot.

  10. Cara Ellison says:

    The fact that the parents are part of the “Free The Memphis Three” movement lends credence to their innocence, I think. I will be googling this today.

  11. This whole thing pisses me off. Unbelievable. She’s clearly innocent, in my mind. Part of her issue, too, is she’s pretty; it’s the prejudice against the pretty. The bitterness that being beautiful can create in nonbeautiful people. I think that’s at least a small part of it. But, honestly, Guede left the only DNA evidence that’s SUSPICIOUS in any way. Girl needed the OJ jury, didn’t she?

    And the deal that she might be able to come to the US but serve the ENTIRE 26 years? That just sucks. She’d be, what, almost 50 before she even gets out? I feel so sick for her — I can’t imagine being her family or what they must feel. Honestly, I can’t stand it if this verdict HOLDS.

  12. I, like you Cara got hold of this, very late in the game. I thought it was one of those, ‘My child ain’t never do nothin to nobody’ things. The parents on the three networks, almost every month, proclaiming her innocence.

    I pretty much, wrote her off as a pot smoking, sex crazed hippie. I mean, I work with people who smoke, weed, hashish or whatever you want to call it and they tell story of things the do under the influence and it just might be possible that she had a part in the murder. So I thought. Until I actually started following the case. The girl was rail roaded, I mean the prosecutor put her in front of a New York bound Accela express.

    There is another case that I followed, in Cali (Kelle Jarka) who is now serving life for killing his wife. He was sentence, not on DNA, not on an eye witness testimony, not on confession, the police didn’t even have a murder weapon. The only thing the police had, was strong, damning circumstantial evidence. His actions, his body motions. The police say he did not act like an innocent man, who just lost his wife to heinous crime.

    It’s the same thing with Ms. Knox. Her actions and the circumstantial evidence, convicted her.

    I think the moral of this story for young students studying abroad is…Say no to drugs!

    • I think the moral of the story is get your education in American accredited universities and colleges. There is no need to go abroad to get an education. I think all of us are getting a real-time and effective one here.

  13. R. Herrera says:

    Get over it! She is guilty as hell. She is a lier who thought that she was going to outwit the Italian authorities.
    Crime motive: Profound hatred toward Ketcher. Ketcher used to criticize her hygiene and promiscuity. According to the other murderer (the Afrigan guy) that night Amanda and Ketcher argued about missing money. Knox had stolen Ketcher’s rent money.

    • Mr. Herrera….GET OVER YOURSELF !

    • You do not know what you are talking about ? Lucky for you that you are on an American website….or the Perugia, Italians would accuse you of DEFAMANTION, SLANDER, AND LIBEL, just like they did to Amanda ! You’re toast now Pal.

  14. Herrera, did you know the only DNA found in Meredith’s purse belonged to… drum roll… Rudy Guede?! No DNA of Amanda’s was found in or on the purse. NONE.

    Knox had thousands of dollars in her account at the time of the murder. Let’s get serious: money was in no way involved in this case and in no way a motive… We have NO evidence that Knox had stolen any money from Kercher.

    Also, we have scant evidence, if any at all, that Knox hated Kercher. Although Kercher made remarks about Knox’s hygiene and how quickly she had taken a boyfriend, we have no evidence whatsoever to suggest Knox hated Kercher.

    Knox naive? Sure. Naive enough to think she could murder a roommate and get away with it? Seems like a stretch.

    • Kercher kept complaining with her high and mighty European girlfriends about the “American Girl.”

      Whoa…time out…just this moment 6:21PM Pacific Standard Time I saw on the news that Amanda’s former high school, Seattle Prep, and a high powered attorney last name Simon, are joining in to send mass letters on Amanda’s behalf. He is joining her legal team! This is what I am talking about people. We are a “United” people. Remember, “These colors don’t run! ” We will not forget! United We Stand ! “Yes, We Can!”
      We are proving it as Americans! More! More! This kid did not murder anyone.
      I pray for her so much….we can do this everyone. Ideas, join in, contact Seattle Prep, P.Simon….on your mark, get set…….Go! Tell people.

    • They claim they lost the evidence in all three hard drives from the computers of Amanda and Rafaelle that would demonstrate what they were doing during the evening of the 1st and also showed a good relationship between Amanda and Meredeth including lots of pictures of them together. Does anyone seriously believe that THREE hard drives could be “accidentally” shocked and unable to recover any evidence? After we hear time in time out about the FBI recovering data from child pornographers hard drives after the perverts had gone out of the way to erase the hard drive and destroy the evidence? One guy was even convicted of murder after the FBI put the pieces of a broken disk back together and retrieved the data. If the FBI had those drives they would have the data ASAP. I studied computers in school and know just how difficult it is to erase data from hard drives, as a matter of fact the defense department burns them and stores the remains of their data drives under high security. All a shock would do is destroy the circuitry and motor that read the data off the platters, 99.99% of the information would still be there. Perhaps the prosecutor didn’t want the public to see pictures of a happy Meredeth and Amanda smiling together just days before the killing. Obviously they destroyed evidence. Same as when the bloody footprint was proven not to be Rafaelle’s and they would be forced to release him–the next day they went back to the crime scene and just happened to “discover” the bra clip. If these scenarios, along with the preposterous “orgy thrill kill led by Amanda” don’t set your B.S. detector off, I’d like to sell you the Eiffel Tower.

  15. I hope they win the appeal… hell! if rudy appealed and got his sentence down to 16 yrs -and he’s the one who clearly did it, then these two deserve to be able to get out of there soon… And be given an opportunity to clean their names/reputations.

  16. Transcript of Amanda Knox’s note
    1. By Malcolm Moore in Perugia
    Published: 1:14PM GMT 22 Nov 2007
    Transcript of Amanda Knox’s handwritten statement to police on the evening of November 6, the day she was arrested:
    This is very strange, I know, but really what happened is as confusing to me as it is to everyone else. I have been told there is hard evidence saying that I was at the place of the murder of my friend when it happened. This, I want to confirm, is something that to me, if asked a few days ago, would be impossible.
    Related Articles
    Meredith’s flatmate ‘proud to find body’
    Bar owner freed in Meredith murder inquiry
    Meredith suspect captured after sleeping rough
    Amanda Knox feared a killer on loose after Meredith Kercher murder, court told
    Meredith Kercher murder trial: Amanda Knox’s letters to Raffaele Sollecito
    Throat-cutting of Meredith Kercher was brutal, says Amanda Knox
    I know that Raffaele has placed evidence against me, saying that I was not with him on the night of Meredith’s murder, but let me tell you this. In my mind there are things I remember and things that are confused. My account of this story goes as follows, despite the evidence stacked against me:
    On Thursday November 1 I saw Meredith the last time at my house when she left around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Raffaele was with me at the time. We, Raffaele and I, stayed at my house for a little while longer and around 5 in the evening we left to watch the movie Amelie at his house. After the movie I received a message from Patrik [sic], for whom I work at the pub “Le Chic”. He told me in this message that it wasn’t necessary for me to come into work for the evening because there was no one at my work.
    Now I remember to have also replied with the message: “See you later. Have a good evening!” and this for me does not mean that I wanted to meet him immediately. In particular because I said: “Good evening!” What happened after I know does not match up with what Raffaele was saying, but this is what I remember. I told Raffaele that I didn’t have to work and that I could remain at home for the evening. After that I believe we relaxed in his room together, perhaps I checked my email. Perhaps I read or studied or perhaps I made love to Raffaele. In fact, I think I did make love with him.
    However, I admit that this period of time is rather strange because I am not quite sure. I smoked marijuana with him and I might even have fallen asleep. These things I am not sure about and I know they are important to the case and to help myself, but in reality, I don’t think I did much. One thing I do remember is that I took a shower with Raffaele and this might explain how we passed the time. In truth, I do not remember exactly what day it was, but I do remember that we had a shower and we washed ourselves for a long time. He cleaned my ears, he dried and combed my hair.
    One of the things I am sure that definitely happened the night on which Meredith was murdered was that Raffaele and I ate fairly late, I think around 11 in the evening, although I can’t be sure because I didn’t look at the clock. After dinner I noticed there was blood on Raffaele’s hand, but I was under the impression that it was blood from the fish. After we ate Raffaele washed the dishes but the pipes under his sink broke and water flooded the floor. But because he didn’t have a mop I said we could clean it up tomorrow because we (Meredith, Laura, Filomena and I) have a mop at home. I remember it was quite late because we were both very tired (though I can’t say the time).
    The next thing I remember was waking up the morning of Friday November 2nd around 10am and I took a plastic bag to take back my dirty cloths to go back to my house. It was then that I arrived home alone that I found the door to my house was wide open and this all began. In regards to this “confession” that I made last night, I want to make clear that I’m very doubtful of the verity of my statements because they were made under the pressures of stress, shock and extreme exhaustion. Not only was I told I would be arrested and put in jail for 30 years, but I was also hit in the head when I didn’t remember a fact correctly. I understand that the police are under a lot of stress, so I understand the treatment I received.
    However, it was under this pressure and after many hours of confusion that my mind came up with these answers. In my mind I saw Patrik in flashes of blurred images. I saw him near the basketball court. I saw him at my front door. I saw myself cowering in the kitchen with my hands over my ears because in my head I could hear Meredith screaming. But I’ve said this many times so as to make myself clear: these things seem unreal to me, like a dream, and I am unsure if they are real things that happened or are just dreams my head has made to try to answer the questions in my head and the questions I am being asked.
    But the truth is, I am unsure about the truth and here’s why:
    1. The police have told me that they have hard evidence that places me at the house, my house, at the time of Meredith’s murder. I don’t know what proof they are talking about, but if this is true, it means I am very confused and my dreams must be real.
    2. My boyfriend has claimed that I have said things that I know are not true. I KNOW I told him I didn’t have to work that night. I remember that moment very clearly. I also NEVER asked him to lie for me. This is absolutely a lie. What I don’t understand is why Raffaele, who has always been so caring and gentle with me, would lie about this. What does he have to hide? I don’t think he killed Meredith, but I do think he is scared, like me. He walked into a situation that he has never had to be in, and perhaps he is trying to find a way out by disassociating himself with me.
    Honestly, I understand because this is a very scary situation. I also know that the police don’t believe things of me that I know I can explain, such as:
    1. I know the police are confused as to why it took me so long to call someone after I found the door to my house open and blood in the bathroom. The truth is, I wasn’t sure what to think, but I definitely didn’t think the worst, that someone was murdered. I thought a lot of things, mainly that perhaps someone got hurt and left quickly to take care of it. I also thought that maybe one of my roommates was having menstral [sic] problems and hadn’t cleaned up. Perhaps I was in shock, but at the time I didn’t know what to think and that’s the truth. That is why I talked to Raffaele about it in the morning, because I was worried and wanted advice.
    2. I also know that the fact that I can’t fully recall the events that I claim took place at Raffaele’s home during the time that Meredith was murdered is incriminating. And I stand by my statements that I made last night about events that could have taken place in my home with Patrik, but I want to make very clear that these events seem more unreal to me that what I said before, that I stayed at Raffaele’s house.
    3. I’m very confused at this time. My head is full of contrasting ideas and I know I can be frustrating to work with for this reason. But I also want to tell the truth as best I can. Everything I have said in regards to my involvement in Meredith’s death, even though it is contrasting, are the best truth that I have been able to think.
    [illegible section]
    I’m trying, I really am, because I’m scared for myself. I know I didn’t kill Meredith. That’s all I know for sure. In these flashbacks that I’m having, I see Patrik as the murderer, but the way the truth feels in my mind, there is no way for me to have known because I don’t remember FOR SURE if I was at my house that night. The questions that need answering, at least for how I’m thinking are:
    1. Why did Raffaele lie? (or for you) Did Raffaele lie?
    2. Why did I think of Patrik?
    3. Is the evidence proving my pressance [sic] at the time and place of the crime reliable? If so, what does this say about my memory? Is it reliable?
    4. Is there any other evidence condemning Patrik or any other person?
    3. Who is the REAL murder [sic]? This is particularly important because I don’t feel I can be used as condemning testimone [sic] in this instance.
    I have a clearer mind that I’ve had before, but I’m still missing parts, which I know is bad for me. But this is the truth and this is what I’m thinking at this time. Please don’t yell at me because it only makes me more confused, which doesn’t help anyone. I understand how serious this situation is, and as such, I want to give you this information as soon and as clearly as possible.
    If there are still parts that don’t make sense, please ask me. I’m doing the best I can, just like you are. Please believe me at least in that, although I understand if you don’t. All I know is that I didn’t kill Meredith, and so I have nothing but lies to be afraid of.

  17. How could her own room have no finger prints..hint , hint she was cleaning everything all night and morning.

  18. Cara Ellison says:

    You’re clearly clueless about forensic science.

  19. I agree, anyone who could make the statement about cleaning, clearly doesn’t know anything about forensic science. Just because Amanda is still in prison in Perugia, Italy does NOT mean she is guilty. Her parents are going to be charged by the Perugia Police for “Defamation” for speaking their minds about her captures to the British media. Who is going to charge Perugia with Defamation, Slander and Libel ? How are they going to charge Amanda’s parents when they live on American soil ? How can they even think of it when her parents were not in Italy at the time of the “alleged” comment (s)? If anyone asks me, Perugia, Italy has gotten way too big for their britches. Arrogance! I live in the USA, my country gives me the rights of freedom of speech. I “believe” the police and legal system in Perugia, Italy is no better than ” Terrorists!” Think about it ! I am an American, my country gives me the right to freedom of Speech! Get off Americans Perugia, Italy. Anti-Americanism! This is all that was happening in the beginning and it is consistently what is happening now! Free Amanda! One day, the USA and all Americans will have “enough” of you bullying Americans!

  20. The English translation of Judge Massei’s sentencing report can be downloaded from here:

  21. I shared the majority view of zero credible evidence against Knox until I read heyjamieboy’s transcript. Now it seems more sketchy. In her own written statement, Knox says I was there but maybe I wasnt. Or maybe I dreamed it. Or maybe I didnt. That is bizarre coming from an intelligent, educated young adult.

    If Knox had maintained from the start that she was not there and never wavered, and boyfriend had backed her up, the case might be very different.

    I wonder whether Guede was ever offerred a deal to implicate Knox (more than he did)?

    • Are you joking? The diary reads to me like an innocent girl who had just been through a very traumatic event, these cops use these techniques to break members of the mafia, Amanda had no chance.

  22. I think she did it. She confessed. All the rest of this garbage is the disbelief of the writer that a pretty young girl can kill like that. Probably Rudy did the cutting by Amanda knew about it and did not turn him in, covered for him in fact, ad so she is GUILTY. And I hope she rots there in jail thinking about what she allowed to happen to Meredith.

  23. Uh, Rob, she didn’t confess they beat and starved it out of her. Probably screaming and yelling the whole time. Most naive young adults at that age would have broken down because they haven’t seen much of the world. The Italian political system is corrupt. Look at Berlasconi and you don’t have to look any farther. The prosecutor was infatuated with Satanism. The Judge sat with the jury members as a member for discussions. What jury can honestly debate with the judge sitting there with them? They found not a bit of DNA evidence she was ever a part of the murder. They confused the knife size several times over. No, this was just a prosecutor trying to get another knotch on his belt. It happens in the USA as well. Especially to black people (yeah I’m white, it’s pretty obvious blacks don’t always get a fair trial even these days). No this is a case of an innocent girl going to jail on not even decent circumstantial evidence.

  24. Another poster commented on poor Amanda’s personality. If I had been through the amount of defamation and being innocently incarcerated in a foreign country, watched my parents go through the same idiotic allegations I would be yelling “F**K Perugia Courts and police” from the rafters at the top of my stressed out lungs !

    Amanda is strong. I am still praying for her release.

    • Robert Bologna says:

      Cara you are completely right on all counts !
      I am a naturalized American from Italy; so I can tell you that your suspicions are right.
      — Most Italians are expected to be serious about life, even though they prioritise an enjoyment of life in everything. They call this philosophy of La Dolce Vita as “pane, amore, e fantasia” [bread/food, lovemaking, and imagination]. This enjoy the moment attitude does not extend to unconventional behavior
      such as Americans are allowed. Amanda is considered to be ill-mannered and a suspect individual just for that. That is why Americans are disliked in foreign countries they travel, because they are wrongly judged not to care about local habits and customs –so they are considered rude and uncaring. Her knowing Italian softens this attitude but only slightly.
      –Her being a WOMAN is another social problem. Even though Italian men usually respect women overall;
      they expect her to act like other Italian women, and publically that means that even though privately men
      might like Amanda’s sexual openness, publically she is viewed by Italians to be a slut and have totally loose moral character. Even her Italian friends that lived in the apartment below hers will automatically find fault with her and think she is “not quite right”. Although Italians have been more sexually open –even in their TV and movies since the 1980s; they do not think that a WOMAN and a young woman has a right to be as sexually aggressive as a man, nor to enjoy and want sex as much as a man. This does put Amanda automatically in a bad light –unfairly so.
      Italian young girls hardly ever wear any pants –almost strictly miniskirts, to tempt and be alluring to the boys –but they are not expected to say so in words without being sluts.
      Ironically, the prosecution ignores the fact that women are less agressive and instigate the males to act agressive for them. Instead they basically ASSUME that neither male could have knifed the victim –only Amanda, a woman was that aggressive !
      “E’ una faccenda che fa schifo!! E’ una vergogna internazionale ed un onta sulla coscienza dell’ Italia”
      It is an entire matter that stinks! It is a shame of international proportions and a spot on the conscience of Italy”
      I really hope and pray Amanda somehow can receive justice.
      Roberto Giovanni Bologna

  25. Cara Ellison says:

    Robert, thank you for your perspective. I think the “Italian view” really enriches the discussion.

    — Cara

    • Allison Heath says:

      Did you read the Massei report? After reading the full account of the trial and murder conviction I’m convinced that Ms Knox is guilty, and the Italian court caved to pressure from the American media and so called “experts.” It’s a sad day for justice and I hate that Nancy Grace might actually be right in this case. There was more than enough evidence to convict Knox. As I was reading the report what really stuck out to me was how many times Knox and Sollecito changed their stories, how Meredith’s injuries showed that there had to have been multiple people involved in inflicting the wounds she sustained, and how little evidence of Amanda and Sollecito was in Amanda’s room, period. It’s clear they cleaned up the crime scene well enough with the cleaning supplies found to leave mostly Guede’s DNA evidence, although they didn’t clean the knife or bathroom well enough. Apparently the prosecutor will be appealing the overturned verdict, so there is a possibility Ms Knox could be extradited. Let’s hope justice is eventually done.

      It’s sad that Donald Trump’s PR machine has kept the average American in the dark about this case. The Massei report pdf can be found here – It’s not light reading, but it’s well worth perusing if you’re interested in reading what happened and drawing your conclusions from the facts.

  26. I find it a shame that someone who is clearly a good writer chose to highlight only the possible factors that lead to the possibility that Amanda Knox is innocent and completely ignore all the possible factors that lead to believe that she is guilty. No one has any real way of knowing if she is in fact guilty or innocent but an objective insight into the case can only be made if ALL the factors are discussed. I wonder how this piece may have read if Amanda Knox happened to be born outside of the United States of America!!

    • Nightowl2548 says:

      The Knox haters reveal their true motivations by how they accuse those who believe her innocence to be motivated solely by the fact she’s American. As if they “know she’s guilty and don’t care because she’s American” because that’s how they think. They hate her because she’s American and want her to be guilty regardless. No one in their right mind would consider that girl a likely suspect in an obviously male perpetrated crime unless extraordinary evidence pointed to her guilt. Instead, cops just beat a series of incoherent statements out of her right after the crime and were too proud to admit what fools they were when the forensics came back showing their “man bites dog” case was really just another mundane pitbull attack. Amazing how a hippie dippie Seattle girl came to be the scapegoat for America hating European leftist scum. Goes to show that if America ever falls, the “blame America” Hollywood University crowd will suffer the same fate as the Bush-“teabaggers.” They hate us ALL as a people and can’t tell us apart.

  27. Clearly says:

    I actually commented elsewhere on Knox’s behavior making her look guilty (I don’t believe she or Sollecito are murderers). She lived the life of a typical college party girl. But people don’t have sympathy for girls who dabble in drugs, have a history of partying and numerous sexual partners. Knox and Sollecito could hardly be called “lovers” or even boyfriend and girlfriend; they didn’t know each other for very long.

    Knox is perfect media fodder because she is attractive (not beautiful, that’s an exaggeration), has a history of sluttiness and immature behavior. Her lack of sensitivity during the murder trial proceedings points to a complete lack of character. She is selfish to the point of narcissism (though many young people suffer from that mental condition).

    She would have been considered an angel had she conducted herself properly and had a more respectable sexual past. We all have a right to make our own choices, but there are consequences for those choices.

    Again, I don’t believe she is a murderer. But she is indeed slutty and selfish, and that doesn’t garner public sympathy. She is paying a social price for her tawdry past.

    Go ahead, accuse me of being “too conservative,” “puritanical,” “right wing” or whatever. I’m just using common sense.

    I don’t support her, but I don’t believe she is guilty. Just a self-absorbed slut.

    • Nightowl2548 says:

      “Go ahead, accuse me of being “too conservative,” “puritanical,” “right wing” or whatever. I’m just using common sense.”

      I’ll accuse you of not being able to differentiate amongst different youth sub-cultures. Knox is clearly part of the “Bohemian-Hippie” subculture and not the “Party Girl-Slut” subculture. For examples of the latter think Kesha, her dreadful songs about going clubbing with her valley girl friends, her $300 bleached blond hairdo. No self respecting real party girl would be caught dead doing that lame hippie thing, it’s for oddballs. Knox was fairly prude until she arrived in Europe, had Sollecito been an American Boy in Seattle I doubt he would have gotten sex so easily. If Knox teed so many people off, I’d hate to see how rough they’d be if Kim Kardashian had found Kercher’s body.


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