Liking A Girl

Sheila has a magnificent write-up of a film called Neo Ned. One of the actors is Gabrielle Union. I have a completely irrational reaction to Gabrielle Union and I don’t really understand it, and I guess that’s why I’m writing this.

I would totally do Gabrielle Union. I don’t know what it is about her, but my brain short-circuits when I see pictures of her and I just want to take off all her clothes and have at it. I have never had a reaction to a girl like I do Gabrielle Union. In fact, I’ve never had any reaction to any girl. I am probably the most heterosexual girl you will ever meet in your life, as anyone reading this blog can attest (see my many posts in praise of men and their packages.)

And yet.

I am not sure I buy the line that sexuality is fluid. I think we all have a set point where we’re comfortable. Maybe you won’t sit next to a guy a movie theatre. Maybe you are so gay even gay people look at you and say “wow”. I think we all have a point where we’re comfortable. Mine is way over on the guy side. But I have such a massive, unexpected crush that it makes me wonder how fluid that line really is.

I’m not sure what I’m reacting to. I have never met Gabrielle Union, so I can’t say this is even a real thing. Girls in general don’t interest me; I have female friends, of course, but by and large, I live in a male universe; I listen to men, I like to be around them. They smell good and I love their life-giving heat and I can’t see myself ever dating a girl. I’ve never looked at a girl and had anything approaching a sexual thought. Then I saw Gabrielle Union in Bring It On and since then, I’m completely rapt whenever she’s on the screen.

It’s amusing to note a girl-crush in myself. I don’t get it at all. But I know if there’s a movie with Gabrielle Union, or a magazine cover with her on it, I’m there.


  1. I don’t know, Cara. She does have a look about her. Go figure.

  2. Doesn’t get much hotter than her.

  3. I first noticed her last year on the series “Life” as the new partner of Charlie Crews played by Damian Lewis. She replaced Sarah Shahi who was preggers in real life. That was a great series – wonder what happened to it.

    I thought she was new on the scene, but she’s 38 and has been doing TV since the early 90’s starting with a stand-in role on Family Matters in 1993.

    Hey, if you’re going to wander, she’s a hell of a choice.

  4. She is positively iconic in Bring It On, whirling through the air in her cheerleader uniform.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      There is a moment in Bring It On when she’s walking past some other cheerleaders, and you know she’s the star. Someone (I forget who) says or does something and Gabrielle lifts her eyebrows, and smiles mildly and keeps walking. It’s a very arrogant look, and it happens very quickly, but when I saw it, I thought she was actually acting there – putting an expression on a feeling that I knew from my cheering days, that awful arrogance.

      I just find her utterly stunning. I like her in everything I see her in.

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