Marine’s Father Will Not Pay Protestor’s Court Fees

Via FoxNews:

The father of a Marine killed in Iraq whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters told Fox News he will defy a court order and not pay the protesters’ appeal costs. Albert Snyder, of York, Pa. was ordered to pay $16,510 to Fred Phelps, the leader of Kansas’ Westboro Baptist Church, which held protests at Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder’s funeral in 2006.

The article does not state why he was ordered to pay the costs to Fred Phelps who stood outside his son’s funeral with signs that read GOD HATES FAGS, among other disgusting things.

I’m baffled how a grieving father of a Marine – who died serving our country – would be forced to pay that worthless human being anything at all.

This seems like another one of those weird topsy-turvey upside-down events that every normal person knows should not happen, and yet it has.

If the Supreme Court doesn’t take the case and the court fees remain, I am pretty sure that the father could have a fundraiser for the money, but I completely understand his distaste for doing anything of the kind. Fred Phelps is a disgusting human being. I look at him and people like him and wonder what purpose they serve. They seem the incarnate of pure evil.


  1. Bill O’Reilly said last night that HE would pay the full amount for the family. Also, this has been appealed to the Supreme Court. If it isn’t overturned there, then my country is definitely gone.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      That is great. I actually thought for sure someone like Rush Limbaugh or Hannity would step up and pay the fine. It’s nice that O’Reilly took that upon himself.

      I wish I could figure out why the fee was levied upon him.

      And I certainly do hope it is overturned at the Supreme Court.

      This just defies common sense and common decency.

      • I don’t see how the Supreme Court can’t overturn it. Oh wait, justice and the rule of law don’t seem to apply anymore… nevermind.

  2. Bloke From Virginia says:

    My city will have the displeasure of this band’s company in about 10 days from now, so … awesome.

    They picketed a memorial for the victims of a West Virginia mine disaster some years ago. One of their signs read “Thank God for dead miners.” Nice.

    : P

    There will be one ironic benefit though: They will be picketing the synagogues here, which will force the liberals to remember that they are supposed to be against anti-Semitism.

  3. God is not pleased with bigots, nor is he pleased with with people who commit hateful acts like the moron that carried the sign, “God hates fa—-.”

    • Absolutely. I’d love to see the look on their faces on judgement day when the Lord tells them to turn around and go downstairs!

  4. jessicarrot says:

    I hope the fine is for kicking Phelp’s anti-gay a**. It would be rather cathartic to beat the crap out of someone at your son’s funeral, I think.

  5. The only trouble is, even if someone pays this fine for the poor guy, the money still goes to the Phelpsians. I wouldn’t pay them in Monopoly money, much less the real thing.

  6. Miss Priss says:

    Umm, that should be “incarnation of pure evil” Or “evil incarnate”.

  7. I demand that you say “evil incarnate!”

  8. Cara Ellison says:


    Cullen, I demand that you demand something else!!!

  9. he has a website dedicated to his son, and the trial proceedings, you can also donate to him

  10. Saxo Grammaticus says:

    This seems to be a First Amendment (free speech) case. Fact is, you can be a total pukepot (like Phelps) and still get to spew your filth under the protections of the First Amendment. There are only a few limitations on this. You don’t, for example, have the right to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

    Phelps and his despicable band of brain-dead creeps push these principles to the limit.

    On the other side of it, the rest of humanity has the right to ignore their ignorance, bigotry and perverted “religion.” It’s not hard, however, to understand why the Snyders simply could not ignore Phelps in this case. Who could? I would probably have wanted to choke the life out of that braying jackass with my own hands.

    Assessing court costs against the Snyders is a sad consequence of Phelps’ First Amendment victory in the Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court has the power (although not the responsibility) to right these wrongs if it takes the case.

    • econ phd says:

      Actually, the original intent of the first amendment was to protect people from saying or printing anything negative or inflamatory about the government. It has been expanded way beyond its intended reach.

  11. Cara Ellison says:

    It was intended to protect citizens’ political speech; it’s possible you were saying the same thing – but I wanted to expand “the government” to “politics” because that’s really what the first amendment protects, among other things.

  12. Johnboy says:

    I find it ironic that this “church” group seeks refuge under the very laws of a country they profess to want no part of. If that’s the case, their first amendment rights should be cheerfully ignored. You want to seek refuge in the democratic process, learn to love paying the entry fee (taxes) like the rest of us! As a gay man, I find this group to be nothing more than cowards, hypocrites and charlatans. They are too frightened to confront gay society directly, so they attack others (firemen, miners, soldiers etc…) who have NOTHING to do with our society. If you want a fight, bring your fight to us. Stop attacking and persecuting people (and their families) who have laid down their lives for this nation.

  13. Cara Ellison says:

    I think they’re afraid of catching teh gay if they actually look at a gay person directly.

    I saw a great picture of one of these anti-gay protestors holding a sign that says something like you’re going to hell or whatever. Behind him are two men kissing. I love that!

    Like, he can’t bring himself to walk over and say, “You know, that’s wrong” (or whatever moronic thing he wants to say.)

    He has to silently stand there with a sign.

    I hate Fred Phelps. If there is a God, he will strike that man dead for causing so much pain to so many people.

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