Omega Men and the Ascendancy of the Bitch

Slate has a post about Omega Men, who are what we used to call losers. The losers are divided up into various strata, and his failings analyzed. As I read I started to realize that not only is the strata of various men becoming less distinct, the types of losers are blurring into one giant mass of worthlessness. I guess somewhere along the way, I just stopped caring about why men don’t achieve. I just know that they did.

A few years ago, around the 2006 election, I remember commenting on a blog post that “I can’t find any man attractive who just lies around on the sofa.” I don’t even remember the subject of the post or the name of the blog, but I remember that I caught hell for saying that. I was accused of being an emasculating bitch, a gold digger, and lots of other things. But I guess I just always expected that men shouldn’t lie around the sofa. I want men to work. Society needs men to work. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Lee Iococca, Scott Yeager, Rex Shelby, Jeff Skilling are the three immediate examples of the productive, thinking male, but there are millions. And we need them. We rely on them to move society forward.

When they don’t, women attempt to step into their place, and the result is a disaster. Men are designed to be leaders. Women are not generally known for giant leaps in the betterment of society, or for daring heroic battles – though of course there are exceptions. I’m thinking of the battle of Thermopolae. Lionidas did not take 300 men, plus 2 women with him into battle. He took men.

Incidentally I find the movie 300 a terrific portrayal of the ideal culture. It’s perfectly Randian. The women stayed at home, but they were strong. They had responsibilities. They raised the men who would grow up to defend the Sparta. But the women were not asked to defend it themselves.

Thanks to the women’s movement, men have been looking at women like peers for nearly thirty years, and thus if they drop it, they figure Sue can handle it. Well Sue can’t handle it. Sue has other responsibilities. The fact that a man wants to drop out is troubling but that he would allow himself to sink to the level of being supported by a woman, not out of necessity but because he merely does not have the will to stand up and do what is expected of him is a disgrace.

I think women, when thrust into roles they aren’t prepared for, resent it, and thus the Bitch myth was born. There would be fewer bitches if there were men around who actually acted like men.


  1. AnoukAnge had a post on this topic a while back, with interesting discussion.

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