February Bookstacks 3 and 4

This might be getting out of control.

The top book on the second bookstack, Give Me This Night by Vanessa James, is actually written by Sally Beauman about four years before the epic Destiny. I bought it used from Amazon and it arrived in very good shape – thank goodness.


  1. Christina says:

    I’ve also tried to read teh Vanessa James books, and simply could not finish them! I’m not a fan of romances–it’s fine mixed in with a larger story, though. But I’ve enjoyed reading your reactions to these early SB books.

    My favorite of hers is Dark Angel! (I love Jane.) I’ve read it several times over th ten years since I discovered it. Second best IMO, is Rebecca’s Tale, but Dark Angel is tops, for me. I love the early 20th century setting, the house, which is a character, itself, adn the length of the book… I love long books that you can get lost in!


  1. […] about Sally Beauman, this is the best possible news. [You can see proof of my fangirlism here and here and here and here and especially here and some more here and here. I just love her books so much. […]

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