Sally Beauman’s Early Novels (Part Two)

The Origins of Destiny: Early Sally Beauman

I’m reading Sally Beauman’s backlist — her old, old stuff from when she wrote as Vanessa James. Two words for this stuff: slurpy good. Beauman wrote Harlequin romances while working up to what she would call her “big book” – meaning Destiny.

So these little Harlequins are, obviously, not in print anymore. The one I just finished, Give Me This Night, is copyright 1985. Amazon is supplying these to me – and I’ve been lucky in that the ones I’ve ordered so far are in good condition, if a little yellowed.

I haven’t yet read The Fire and The Ice but I am amused at the cover. Both covers, in fact. They’re so 1980s. Blondish women in the embrace of a dark-haired man in some European locale. Yep. Gimme somma that. I suspect the others that I’ve ordered (and haven’t yet arrived) are similar. I didn’t even really read the blurb before I bought them – I just grabbed them as soon as I saw them.

What is so amazing to me is that I can see bits of Destiny in Give Me This Night. Some phrases are used either verbatim or only slightly altered, which delights me to no end because I do that myself – use phrases in something small and then recycle it for something better. Since I love Destiny so much, I love seeing the traces of it in these early “practice books”.

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