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Things In My iTunes That I Can Not Explain

I like a few Nelly songs (“Over and Over” with Tim McGraw and “Air Force Ones”) but I don’t know any of these songs, and I have no recollection whatsoever of buying them. You’ll notice they’re played zero times. Though I have never touched an illegal drug in my life, I must have been very high when I bought this. Or hypnotized.

A playlist of very sad songs named Sylvia. So I have a touch of the dramatic:

1. The song “Take On Me” by Aha. 2. The entire Abba album, Gold:

Mid-November Bookstack

I’ve started reading the Jobs bio. It is already fascinating. I mean, what kind of guy calls up another guy and says, “Hey, you should write a book about me.”

Steve Jobs does. Fascinating.

Book Update

I’ve been really lucky this past week-to-ten days. I’ve read some truly excellent books.

Star Island by Carl Haaisan. Funny and ridiculous. I will read anything he writes.

Shadows at Midnight by Elizabeth Jennings (AKA Lisa Marie Rice). Wow. This was a shockingly good romantic suspense – better than the other Lisa Marie Rice books I’ve read. I loved it. Will definitely read more of her.

Rush Limbaugh, An Army of One by Zev Chafets. A good bio, though I felt like I knew most of the material because Rush Limbaugh is a pretty open guy on his radio show.

Sea Fever by Virginia Kantra. This was the second of the “Children of the Sea” series and I loved it. Her writing is just delicious. So good and so specific. I have bought the rest of the series.

Ten Ways To Be Adored When Landing A Lord by Sarah MacLaughlin. I love her, I will read anything by her, and I loved this funny, smart, sweet follow-up to Nine Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake.

Making Waves by Tawna Fenske. Not my favorite, but very cute. A quick, light read.

And one really bad one:

Ain’t Too Proud To Beg by Susan Donovan. I have a spotty relationship with Susan Donovan’s books. Some of her earlier books are still my favorites. And some are just … not. This one falls into the latter. I found it cliched, unsexy, with a hero and a heroine who are both too stupid to live. I was glad when it was over. I have one more of these books from the Dogwalker series. The first one was a delight. I’m praying the next one follows the trend of the first one, and not this rather unfortunate book.

Early November Bookstack

Both these covers are so beautiful they take my breath away. I am expecting another pink covered historical this week (in addition to the bio of Steve Jobs), so of course, I need a picture with all three, but for now, chew on this:

Billionairess Calls Oil Companies Greedy

I love Julia Louise-Dreyfus. She was marvelous as self-absorbed Elaine in Seinfeld. But as a person speaking out about the oil sands and the Keystone pipeline, she’s all washed up.

In a recent video (see the link) she calls the oil sands “an especially dirty form of oil.” There’s some controversy over that because it requires a great deal of water to get the oil, plus it requires a special form of refinery.

But it is morally pristine. There is so much of it that Canada can live quite happily off it for hundreds of years. It could share half of it with its southern neighbors and still live for hundreds of years off it. In short, it is a godsend, not a curse.

What’s more, Louis-Dreyfus says that “rich, greedy guys” are going after this oil.

You may not know this but her family – independent of her entertainment earnings – is worth nearly $20 billion. See, she is a progeny of the founder of the Louis Dreyfus Group – who traffics in petroleum products.

Would she call her family greedy? Why don’t they give all their money away? Better yet, since Julia is the one with the problem with wealth, why doesn’t she give all her money away?

Unlike Julia, who inherited her wealth, her father and grandfather worked for their money. Hard work. They invested, invented, and toiled. She just does a really silly, kicky dance with her thumbs sticking out. Seinfeld was an awesome show. Maybe she should stick to acting.

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