Two New English Boyfriends: Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie

I recently discovered – quite late – the brilliant comedian, writer, and thinker Stephen Fry. I also simultaneously discovered Hugh Laurie, who I am told appears in “House.” I’ve never seen that television show, but I have seen trailers and heard about the acerbic, bitter title character. I would have never believed that he was actually English or that he was funny.

But I have been proved quite wrong. Watch and laugh. I literally had tears in my eyes after this. Enjoy “English strawberries” (not to be confused with German strawberries, “no, not the same thing at all.”)


  1. Brilliant!

    For us English, the last line, which reveals that they are commentating on darts, is very funny.

  2. Cara Ellison says:

    I didn’t understand the last line. The rest of it was very funny.

    • Oh, this won’t translate into American at all. The whole set up is clearly based on the radio commentary team for test match cricket on the BBC. Those commentators, when there is a quiet period in the match (and this is cricket so there are plenty of those) will discuss pigeons on the field, or a cake that they’re eating etc. Of course as this sketch descends into a orgiastic fetish of Englishness that is what we’re thinking of. To then find that they are commentating on a darts match (‘ocky’ is the line from which the darts are thrown, and Eric Bristow was a well known professional darts player), is so ridiculous. It’s an English thing.

  3. Did you watch black alder? I watch it in 2007, as part of assignment for 17th. Center Brit lit- great class btw, he has this”” to be or not to be” long vision. Good stuff.

  4. OMG. Welcome to my world. Hugh Laurie is my TV boyfriend! He’s genius! And it’s weird — his American accent is so good on “House,” when I hear him speak in his usual English accent, it now sounds weird to me.

    You need to seriously catch up on House, my dear! You will fall in love.

    I haven’t seen much of him in his English stuff (uhmm, for which he actually became famous) but he was on my radar when he was in Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson in the mid 90s. He played a dry, acerbic “Mr. Palmer” to Imelda Staunton’s frittery, chattery “Mrs. Palmer”. He’s gruff and monosyllabic with her — I think mainly because she’s stolen all the words in the whole wide world — and it is SO funny to me. Definitely left an impression. I feel bad that I didn’t know much of him before that, but that performance started my crush that remains to this day.

  5. Cara Ellison says:

    Noted, dearest. I will definitely catch up on House, now that he is one of my TV boyfriends. LOVE HIM. He is hysterical.

  6. Oh he is so so funny and wonderful in Sense and Sensibility as Tracey mentioned. He probably has 5 lines altogether but he makes a HUGE impression!!

  7. ilovecress says:

    Fry and Laurie homework from us brits who have loved them for years:

    1. Blackadder. A must watch. Goes fourth is the best, followed by the second and then third. The finale of Blackadder goes fourth is the best half hour of television ever made.

    2. The secret policemans ball – basically the Cambridge footlights revue, with some awesome F&L stuff mixed in with some Pyton classics.

    3. Jeeves and Wooster – classic English gentle comedy.

    4. Peters Friends. Basically the original ‘Big Chill’. One of the best movies ever, and Fry delivers the immortal line “I’m not really in the vagina business”.

    5. CJ you might like Fry’s ‘podgrams’ – or even his series ‘the dongle ofDonald Trefusis’ – a sort of podcast treasure hunt/ puzzle game.

    6. Hugh Laurie sings the ‘Song for America’ about 25 years before Matt and Trey come up with it:

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