The Art of the Attack

The political season has begun. Earlier this week, Barack Obama’s supporters received an email that suggested making a donation in the name of a Republican friend. “Having fun” at a friend’s expense, the email said, was just in phase with the Christmas season. That is actually quite a startling revelation. But the Republican’s response was predictable. The RNC immediately sent out its own fundraising letters, stating that they had been attacked and they need money to refute these attacks.

There is leverage in victimhood. It seems that both parties are in a race to be the most attacked/aggrieved/insulted this season.

Whether you support Obama or his Republican challenger, I believe most people should reject this posture of victimhood. Throw off the shackles. Proudly regain control over your own life and put forth a positive agenda for your own life.

This constant wailing of victimhood does not advance any cause. Furthermore, it takes resources away from true victims. By continuing to claim victim status, both parties are in danger of exhausting their bases.

I don’t expect a moratorium, but if I were a PR consultant on either campaign, my first piece of advice would be to straighten up your spine. It is difficult to feel confident of a leader if he is always proclaiming his victimhood. Buck up, boys. You’re in the big time now.

Secret Triangles

This is the inside of my Eiffel Tower, looking up. I thought it made an interesting pattern.

Say Coffee

This is me trying to get Sean to say “coffee”. It is the perfect word to reveal his New York accent.

30 Second Sketches

Modern Proverbs

There is more sushi in the sea.

Keep your friends close and your enemies on limited profile.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on autocorrect.

A man who runs his own server has a fool for a client.

A woman’s place is on the homepage.

Brevity is the soul of Siri.

Discretion is the better part of BCC.

Don’t upset the Apple(tm) cart.

Eat drink and be merry and post the pictures to Facebook.

Fight fire with Twitter.

He who can, does. He who can not, googles.

Hell hath no fury like a woman defriended.

If it ain’t broke, post a picture of it to Flickr.

Imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarizing.

In for a penny, in for a two thousand bucks to fix your MacBookPro.

It ain’t over until you’ve watched the fat lady sing on YouTube.

It’s better to give than receive spam.

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and nobody will check out your blog.

Man does not live by email alone.

The age of miracles can be seen again on Tivo.

The best defense is to delete the incriminating image and pray nobody saw it.

The early bird will probably find somebody on Twitter to talk to, even at 6am.

Tis better to have written that email and lost it, than to never have written it at all.

For every thing there is an app.

Tomorrow is another day, so charge up.

When in Rome, take lots of pictures and post them on the internet.

Women and children FIRST!!!!!

Do as I comment on TMZ, not as I do.

Nothing succeeds like winning Angry Birds.

the cover of my current journal

French Via English Via Italian

I’ve been studying French again. I wrote a poem, in English, and then put it into Babblefish to translate into French.

My first thought was wow, the computer really fucked up my poem. Then my second though was to re-translate it back to English. You’d think it would go back to being its original form. A to B to A, right?

Oh no. No no no.

But I was having fun with this idea, so I translated it then into Italian and back and it barely held any resemblance to the original. It was amusing though. I won’t post the original or all the iterations, but here is the translated-to-French and then back to English then to Italian and back to English version of my poem. I left some of the original random punctuation because some of it was accidentally pretty good, and I’ve also left some of the French that the Italian-to-English trans didn’t know how to handle.

A Poem For Big

We have begun with the Haiku.
They are lend to the flirt of expressions.
As soon as facts,
addition five-seven-five.
Memory its always first one haiku.
Something approximately the; for in order kissing yours off it connects in circuit;
and chienchien-a Nancy noma has designed.
It has written behind with risata
As soon as that you are?
It has answered with a police force of the words to a lessico of the limits that has said I am a man who renders to the derisione of the dileggiatori letters
It has established era like the senses of the train.
And automobile was relative
flirt that the spedice ones d’ opinion and in effects.
When it is impressive; fallen down like a relationship/relationship of the government
Far away, we go.
Now we say a lot those I supposes
that one and both and the three and the four and a six phrase stacked in on on others like fire-bricks;
a fabulous attic of Tribeca with the boxes and granite black
and the apparatuses d’ stainless steel.
The eighth vowel, however?
That is where the things become to align our house of the words
Is up to here thus maximum support outside of the twenty
And the pavement of my answer that I say to it
The angry horn or ago the average puts the fire behind this
Abundance seen from near
The advanced Laissez the things without attraction to remain invisibile
I say to it for in order going to hell;
In order to arrive he’s already still
Anellata with the adjectives that the words graceful and sly
And the verified something
It has your heart of Mettez every email that never we have transmitted
l’ extremity, it would be enough
In order to still encircle the moon or the race in China and the posterior part?
What if the wind jumped all our words?
Then, you would have something to say?
Every word that j’ it writes is a sillaba of l’ hope.

Growth Through Absence

It is hard to believe I haven’t posted here in weeks – hard to believe because my personal life is growing like it has been exposed to some weird nuclear radiation and has now gained superhuman strength. Or something. I guess I’ve been too busy living to write about it.

I’m in a heavy creative period – which I love. Poems, comic strips, improv, music, art, photography … I’ve been absorbing it like clay. It keeps me busy. I’ll try to be a little better at blogging this stuff though.

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