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I’ve become addicted to Downton Abbey. The beautiful setting, the dramatic stories… it’s just dazzling. Last night I used my iPhone to film a scene I think is one of the most beautiful, romantic things I’ve ever seen on tv or film – ever. Everything is just perfect, from the way she laughs, to the way they touch each other’s arms. I wanted to have it on my phone to watch when the mood strikes.

Click here to watch.

Brian Priestley

February 10, 2012 is the four-year anniversary of my friend Brian Priestley’s death. He was very young when he passed away, only twenty-eight.

It is hard to believe that four years have passed without his smile, his laugh, his wit. I have missed him. He was always such a happy guy, always had some adventure to tell me about. I miss hearing about his life. I miss his free-spiritedness.

I think about him often. I try to remember all the happy things about his brief life. But on this day – February 10 – I think he’d understand if I can’t crack a smile.

I Love You More

An experiment: to buy every song that sounded halfway interesting on iTunes with the title “I Love You More”. The idea of “loving you more” is sweet, and silly, and probably damaging. I think it is a cute game to play with children.

“I love you, Mommy.”

“I love you more.”

“No, I love you more!”

But among adults? “I love you more” is probably one of the saddest, and most final, sentences an adult would ever utter to another. Inequality is not sexy. So I’m curious about songs that croon, “I love you more”. Are they sad – as I think they should be? I will let you know what I discover.

Recent Available Wifi Networks

People are sooo creative.

Why Am I A CancerBlogger?

A few years ago, I went on an epic rant about all the stupid pink shit branded with Race For The Cure. I fucking hate the Komen organization (but I side with them over the Planned Parenthood kerfluffle if only because it should be able to fund whoever it wants, even the Fund For Satan if it chooses.) I made some great friends through that post, including a dear friend who later passed away due to the horrible disease and Matthew Zachary who runs I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation, a very cool organization that helps young people who have cancer. (If you’re looking for a place to donate some charity dollars, I can not say enough good things about this organization. Please consider making a donation to I’m Too Young For This!)

Yet my cancer posts has caused some unintended consequences. I am mistaken for a cancer blogger sometimes, and automated programs single out my handful of cancer posts and use them for the “Related Links” content on other sites. Today I appeared on some cancer site there with an article that asks if deodorant causes cancer and links to my post encouraging the smelly unwashed to shower and use deo. I casually posit in my post, “deodorant does not cause cancer.”

Of all the things I say in that post, I’m surprised that is the one thing someone picked up. What about the smelly hippie comments? Those were gold, I’m telling you.

Driving In England

On the wrong side of the road!

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