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People are sooo creative.


  1. Bloke From Virginia says:

    Classy! As the SOTU was about to begin, my FB post “YOU LIE! (I know he hasn’t started yet; that’s just a prediction)” was enough to attract a rebuke from a Democrat that she’s tired of my “venom.” They are such delicate hypocrites.

  2. Cara Ellison says:

    Hahaha! Your venom. Whatever, douchebag. (Her, not you!)

  3. I’m a fan of CS Lewis’ “space trilogy.” In the third book, That Hideous Strength, there’s a tense scene between Prof. Dimble, who is confronting the clueless Mark, a college professor who has become the willing-if-unwitting tool of some insanely evil people. Mark is mealy-mouthing the BS defense of his actions that he first used to convince himself to go ahead and sell out all things good and decent, but Dimble’s having none of it, and he (verbally) rips him up one side and down the other for being a clueless twit who will probably be disposed of once his useful idiocy comes to an end.

    “It may seem strange to say that Mark, having long lived in a world without charity, had nevertheless very seldom met real anger. Malice in plenty … but it all operated by snubs and sneers and stabbing in the back. The forehead and eyes and voice of this elderly man had an effect on him which was stifling and unnerving.”

    That is essentially why a throwaway snark is called “venom” and “hateful.” It’s what they use on each other in their infighting, and they dress it up to imagine themselves brave. Running into real adult anger causes a lot of bluster or a lot of lashing out with violence – you know, the typical tantrum stuff the rest of us got over in grade school.

    (The quote’s from Chapter 10, section 3, by the way. The whole book basically stands as a description of the past three years. It was written in 1946.)

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