Why Am I A CancerBlogger?

A few years ago, I went on an epic rant about all the stupid pink shit branded with Race For The Cure. I fucking hate the Komen organization (but I side with them over the Planned Parenthood kerfluffle if only because it should be able to fund whoever it wants, even the Fund For Satan if it chooses.) I made some great friends through that post, including a dear friend who later passed away due to the horrible disease and Matthew Zachary who runs I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation, a very cool organization that helps young people who have cancer. (If you’re looking for a place to donate some charity dollars, I can not say enough good things about this organization. Please consider making a donation to I’m Too Young For This!)

Yet my cancer posts has caused some unintended consequences. I am mistaken for a cancer blogger sometimes, and automated programs single out my handful of cancer posts and use them for the “Related Links” content on other sites. Today I appeared on some cancer site there with an article that asks if deodorant causes cancer and links to my post encouraging the smelly unwashed to shower and use deo. I casually posit in my post, “deodorant does not cause cancer.”

Of all the things I say in that post, I’m surprised that is the one thing someone picked up. What about the smelly hippie comments? Those were gold, I’m telling you.


  1. Your a very bright lady and you don’t apologies for what you believe: hating cancer fundraising in an annoying way, loving Enron, hating disabled adults and kids, hating the poor. Most people are too afraid to say what you say! People are scarred by that and dumfounded by you.
    Whatever you say attaches those around because you’re also right!

  2. Ps: while I am loving helping disabled people, I not trying to be bitchy when I said you hate them. You just seems like you want to be around those who are on your level if not someone you aimed to be like. So some with the mentral fraycty of a small child at the age 29 or 30, someone who will never be a banker or business pro is not making your world better.
    While I’n sure you are kind to people with disablities, it seem like you think it just a “shit happen get over it!”. Kind of thing. Not that it matter what I said. I not Cara Ellison, that my point.

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