Since I bought my Kindle Fire, I nearly stopped buying physical books. But this week, I found a few that either weren’t available on Kindle or that I wanted to read in physical book form.


  1. I am interested in your impression of “The Science of Yoga” when you get through it. As an aging quasi-athlete lacking flexibility, I am considering attempting yoga. tia

  2. photoncourier says:

    Since getting my Kindle, I’ve reduced my physical book-buying by about 80%…also, there are a lot of old books that would be difficult or very expensive to get in physical form but are easily downloadable, often for free, on the Kindle. I’ve especially enjoyed reading the works of the 19th-century British actress Fanny Kemble, whose observations on America and on life in general I found entrancing.

  3. Cara Ellison says:

    Tim, so far it is quite good. I’m only on page 75 or so but it seems like yoga is bad for cardio and losing weight, and excellent for everything else. I’ll let you what I think when I finish it.

    Photoncourier, isn’t it awesome? I love the ability to read books inexpensively and when I want to. Yay for technology!

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