NikeFuel Band Review

I’m measuring things with increasing granularity. I want to know not only how many hours per week I exercised, but what I did, and what my heart rate was for each, and what routes I’ve run. This data has enabled me to see patterns that aren’t obvious. For instance, I’ve noticed that I am fastest not on the way out as I was when I was younger, but actually on the way back. I have finally made a habit of the negative split.

My NikeFuel band has enabled me to study this data, and has improved my performance as a result. I can see with my own four eyes when I am not putting in the effort I should. Contrarywise, I can also see when I’m kicking butt – and it enables me to notice why I’m doing well. I keep track of my diet too – is there some combination of carbs/protein/fat that makes me perform better? I’m still experimenting with all the factors, but having the FuelBand has actually given me the ability to know myself better.

Right now I’m on Day 19 of a streak of achieving my goals. However, I can see that I am slacking a bit – last week I only put in about half the miles I put in the week before. I still achieved my goals but I’m not quite as aggressive as I have been. Maybe I need to adjust something in my diet, or maybe I need to moderate my goals because I’m simply tired. I’m not sure yet. But I do know that before I had the NikeFuel band, I would not have known that had achieved 19 straight days of goal-hitting, or that I was doing less work than the week before. The value comes in knowing.

I’m average with the Nike community as a whole, but I have done really well with achieving new goals.

I think the NikeFuel band is required for anyone who really wants to analyze their workouts, and wants to add a sense of play to them. Having my band has been revolutionary.

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