My Personal Facts About The Olympics

Today is the opening of the Olympics. I’m psyched about the Games and thought I’d share a couple of quick thoughts about them and about my own personal history with the Olympics.

1. My sports (meaning the ones I always watch) are gymnastics and the 5k and 10k. Some years, I can also get really jazzed up about diving.

2. You can read about my encounter with the graceful and beautiful Mary Lou Retton here.

3. I once dated an Olympic athlete. He was a douche.

4. I wrote Godspeed during the Olympics of 2000. The Games were in Sydney that year, and I was obsessed. The story of the missing Olympian had been marinating for a while, but it was that period, while watching the competitions, that I wrote the story. I held it back for all these years because it just never really felt like the right time to put it into the world. Well now it feels like a good time.

5. I met Bill Bowerman right before he died. I’ve also met Bill Dellinger. If you know who these people are, you’re obviously as into Oregon track as I am.

6. I still feel amazing pride when a US athlete wins the gold.

7. I hope the US team DOES NOT dip the flag in the opening ceremonies. The Games are not political. That kind of statement violates the spirit of the games.

8. There are a lot of good Olympics ads right now. So far, this is one of my faves:

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