A Taste of French Freedom

An observation: France has the reputation as a nanny-state where a vast, benevolent government takes care of you from cradle to grave. But during my time here, I’ve noticed that in many respects, the French actually treat you much more like an adult that even the USA. The hotel windows open all the way, for instance. I’ve *never* seen a window that opens in the US or even in England, presumably because the hotels don’t want to be responsible of you defenestrate yourself. But in France, they trust that you just want to enjoy some fine French sunshine. Furthermore, everyone smokes in Paris. I think smoking is gross and I hate it but at least here, you have the freedom to choose what to do with your body. You can smoke if you want. The same goes for food. Butter, Nutella, carbs galore: there is no Nanny Bloomburg wagging his finger at you. Wine bottles do not warn you that alcohol is bad for pregnant women.

And speaking of women, there has been an advertisement I’ve seen all over in the time I’ve been here that would never darken the pages of any American magazine, much less the back of a bus, or on a street-corner, as it is here:


I think the ad is beautiful. Whether it would be effective to sell anything and everything, I don’t know – and certainly here in France, they don’t use nudity flagrantly, just casually – but I like knowing that the French are much more accepting of the human body. They don’t treat us like children who must be protected from our own naked forms.

The French actually treat adults like adults, which any libertarian minded person should appreciate. Viva la France!


  1. jonathan birchley says:

    France is all of what you say. My head tries to tell me how dreadful it is, but but emotions say the opposite. C’est geniale, n’est-ce pas?

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