Today In British Racism

My husband and I decided to run out to the country today, and we chose the sweet coaching town of Hungerford for our outting. There was a large antiques arcade and a second hand bookshop I wanted to check out. The town is actually quite pretty.





All sleepy quaintness, right?

So we walked into the antique shop. It was quite large, and there were sections of Victorian and even Georgian jewelry, books, and porcelain figurines. And there was this:


I’ve never seen anything so offensive in my life. My husband informs me that the word “wog” is the equivalent of the American “N word”. He informs me that these days, in an effort to be more politically correct these are only called Gollies. HOLY FLYING COWS. This is crazy. Who would buy this? It’s grotesque.

In an effort to get that out of my head, we went up two flights to a massive bookstore.




Oh nice. So lovely. Then I saw this.


Time to go home.

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