Cover Reveal For “Crash Into You”

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging much is that I have been working on my new book, Crash Into You

And here’s the cover!


Here’s the synopsis for the new book:

A plane crash in the high mountains of Montana left no survivors, according to news reports. But the news is wrong.

Aimee Baxter was traveling from Washington D.C. to Portland, Oregon to make a new life for herself, free of her former boyfriend, Seth Sabich, a dirty cop who has become involved in counterfeiting. That big pile of cash she swiped before she took off is not only fake money, it’s fake money that belongs to a big time criminal kingpin. Seth is not about to let her – or the cash — go without a fight.

As a survivor of the plane crash, Aimee is injured but makes her way down the mountain to find shelter and plan her new life. She’s discovered by Mark Spanner, a doctor who is running from secrets of his own.

Very soon, Aimee and Mark come face to face with federal authorities, her angry ex-boyfriend, and the brutal gangbangers who have been double-crossed.

Nothing in life is free, and happiness may cost more for Aimee than she can bear to pay.

Pre-Order Crash Into You today!

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